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May 9, 2012 08:57 AM

Next Week: Visit #6

Hello New Orleans Chowhounds...

Gearing up for trip #6. My daughter (DD) has been there for almost a year now, and is very very happy teaching in New Orleans. Her stepsister (SS) has never been to NOLA (and has really not been out of California much) so I am bringing her for six days of fun, food and revelry.

SS likes fine food, but really only eats a full meal @ dinner (just one of those folks that does not eat much before noon). As far as drinks, she will like creative absinthe-flavored cocktails. Yes, she is a picky eater/drinker but I have convinced her (I hope) to be adventurous!

****Apparently, I will be out hounding for breakfast spots on my own while SS sleeps in the am.***
I am staying CBD, they are in Carrollton/Uptown area. They will have a car, I will be walking streetcar/pedicab/cabbing it.

So here is trip #6 so far:

Arrive into town mid-day Friday. No lunch plans; will probably show SS around FQ.

Friday HH: meet DD and her crew @ Rum House (We are flexible, but they like RH for Friday happy hours, tacos apparently.)

Friday dinner: No plans. DD & SS will go out for music/nightlife.

Sat breakfast: I will be solo meeting them on an early Treme walking tour.

Sat lunch: No plans, will have a car.

Sat pm; Cochon - we are very excited about this! Post Cochon DD & SS will go out again.

Sun brunch: Melange - we got a Groupon discount and it looks fun. Any comments?

Sun dinner: No meal plans yet. We may go to the Mid-City Bayou Boogaloo and then try Twelve Mile Limit for Sunday night cocktails.

Monday lunch: ?

Monday dinner: Atchafalaya Restaurant.

Tuesday lunch: ?

Tuesday dinner - I am considering either La Petite Grocery or Gautreau's. SS likes look of the Gautreau's menu. I like the look of La Petite, but we could do that for a lunch.

With Cochon reserved for this trip, DD and I will have partaken of all Brett Andersen's top ten 2011 picks with the exception of La Petite, Gautreau's and Clancy's.


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  1. I wasn't really impressed with Cochon on my (only!) prior trip to New Orleans. Others on here have echoed those thoughts. It seems like Herbsaint is the favored outpost for Donald Link fare.

    You have a lot of gaps on your itinerary. Are you seeking to limit your travel? If so I'd focus Saturday lunch around the Warehouse District and CBD (Emeril's, Bon Ton, etc.) and Monday lunch around the Garden District/Irish Channel (i.e. Commander's Palace, Coquette, etc.).

    Are you looking to save some change? There are a lot of lunch and happy hour deals in New Orleans (off the top of my head the $20 lunch at August, the happy hours at Luke, Restaurant One, and Three Muses). Also, Po Boys are an inexpensive way to sample some of the best New Orleans has to offer.

    Other more informed people around here will have better advice. I would just add a little guidance about what exactly you are looking for (price, location, ambiance) for your unassigned meals.

    Happy Travels!

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    1. re: ndukka562

      Thanks... I want fun and new and cool for my thirty-something co-travelers. Street food pop-ups to white linen work, as long as they are fresh and creative. I have cancelled Cochon in the past but the girls want to try it & we will stick to appies....

      I've been to all you recommend (thank you!) except for Restaurant One & Bon Ton.

      Of my choices, the one I am concerned about is Atchafalaya. I hear it is good but am concerned the menu might be too staid. i can get a pear and blue cheese salad anywhere?

      1. re: karendor

        At the same price point as Atch, maybe consider Dante's Kitchen.

        1. re: ndukka562

          Thanks. I love Dante's for brunch so it is in consideration. I think I will keep Atch because we have not been there - maybe I will switch it for lunch And I forgot we have not done Boucherie, so I will do that on Tuesday. Super close to DD's home! It actually makes sense to leave mid-days open since I have such a fussy eater. We will be very close to Felix's/Johnny's or Domenica if we need fallbacks! That mixed greens with fried procsiutto salad at Domenica is soooo good -- and relatively healthy for NOLA!

    2. The lunch at Dick and Jennys looks good. I've only had dinner and it was amazing

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      1. re: alex70

        I have not made it to Dick & Jenny's yet. Hmmm.

        Here is my revised itinerary:

        Friday lunch. Bon Ton Café or Café Adelaide. (Both close to hotel.)
        Friday HH: Rum House
        Friday dinner: Dantes
        Sat brunch: Eat Nola (brunch after walking tour)
        Sat pm: Cochon
        Sun brunch: Melange
        Sun dinner: Mid-City Bayou Boogaloo and then try Twelve Mile Limit for Sunday night cocktails.
        Monday lunch: ?
        Monday HH: Domenica
        Monday dinner: Atchafalaya Restaurant. (Still might swap this for a lunch)
        Tuesday lunch: ?
        Tuesday HH: Columns or ?
        Tuesday dinner: Boucherie

        Shaping up!

        1. re: karendor

          Definitely Green Goddess. A thousand times yes. There's some change going on in the kitchen but I suspect it will still be a memorable meal.

          And on Tues why not Commander's for lunch? Gotta mix a touch of that old style in with the newer. But CP somehow manages to be fresh and new and alive while being classic and "grand dame" at the same time.

          1. re: kukubura

            Yeah Green Godess would be fun and hip for a Monday lunch for me and SS.

            [DD will be working.]

            I am not a Commander's fan, but maybe Dick & Jenny's, they are open for lunch Tuesdays. I think I will be on near-overload at that point.

            THANKS Kukubura & Ndukka - keep em coming!

            1. re: karendor

              Probably stealing kukubura's thunder here, but BBQ Shrimp for lunch at Mr. B's (with $1.50 cocktails) would suit Monday or Tuesday lunch just fine.