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May 9, 2012 08:24 AM

Where to buy ramps?

Have anyone seen ramps for sale or is it too late? I've looked at the Takoma Farmers Market as well as balduccis (which is where i got some last year). Does the dupont farmers market have ramps? or any vendors in eastern market?

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  1. Steve, the Green Grocer at Belvedere Square in Baltimore has them. It sounds like too far a hike for you, but other might want to give him a try.

    1. Dupont has had Ramps for the last 4-5 weeks - Although I was not there on Sunday, so I am not sure about a few days ago - I am afraid it is pretty much the end of the season, we MIGHT squeek another week out of them, I hope so. Balduccis Alexandria had them once that I saw a few weeks ago, and they may be your best bet as their produce is not local - I know their Morels come from NY.

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        I love ramps and morels! Anyone have a great recipe or restaurant recommendation for a pasta dish, this is making me hungry for them!!

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          For either, simpler is better - Saute in butter with maybe some red pepper flakes, add a hint of cream, toss with pasta and parmesan....I don't like to add much (or to fresh spring asparagus for that matter) so the flavors don't get lost. My very favorite way to enjoy Spring vegetables is in an omlette...And is alos one of the easiest.

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            Folks, please continue any recipe discussion by starting a new thread on the Home Cooking board and help us keep the focus of this board on where to find great food and drink in the local area.


      2. I picked some up the other day at Wegman's, of all places.

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          Thanks! Will try. Want to pick up some olives there too!

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            I thought that was a bit odd too, but hey good for them. They looked good too, very fresh.