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May 9, 2012 08:13 AM

Birthday cake ideas for 7 min frosting

I want to make my dad's bday cake w/ fluffy 7 minute/white mountain/ marshmellow frosting. I can't decide what type of layers. Normally I do coconut cake, but I want to do something different. Thought of strawberry cake, but it seems like it might turn out too sweet. Chocolate? Banana w/ sauteed banana filling? some sort of butter pecan layers w/ chopped pecans on the side of the frosting? Something S'Mores-ish? Ideas please!

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  1. I think chocolate would be great with that frosting, and maybe a contrasting filling. Actually, chocolate cake with sauteed banana filling sounds like a good match to me.

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    1. re: Caitlin McGrath

      That sounds great, and I'd recommend this chocolate cake recipe for its moist, rich flavor:

      This year, I halved that recipe and cooked it in two layers, then I made two layers of a graham cracker cake, and did a marshmallow filling. That could be good if you go the smores route.

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        I usually do a Devil's Food cake with 7 min. frosting. It's easy to make a completely dairy-free cake that way, but I just like the combination. The visual contrast is also attractive.

      2. I usually make cupcakes, but you can easily do the same to a layer cake - pan roasted, grated pistachios sprinkled over the frosting is very pretty. I've also taken a torch to the frosting, reminiscent of toasted marshmallows.

        1. Have you ever tried Dorie Greenspan's White Out Chocolate cake? It's a really pretty, tasty layer cake.

          Or you could do the Elvis cake, banana cake w/ chocolate chips, use this frosting instead of the pb one. Use a pb mousse for a filling.

          Or, a lemon layer cake w/ lemon curd filling and then have the 7 min frosting, like a lemon meringue pie cake (I was just at Costco and tried their lemon meringue pie cake so had that in mind).

          And there's always tres leches cake since it has the same type frosting. This time of year, I like to serve it w/ macerated and fresh strawberries.

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            ooohh, chowser, thank you....i have not done the Dorie Greenspan cake, but I think I'm about to! I like the cake crumb idea. Are there any tricks to making sure that doesn't end up looking messy? It sure would be easier than making chocolate curls, which is what it looks like from a distance in that pic.

            The lemon meringe is a good idea too...the tart would cut through that sweetness, and my Dad always likes my torched banana pudding.

            Decisions, decisions. thanks again!

            1. re: danna

              I just did crumbs on the sides of the Dorie Greenspan cake so I could write on the top. And, I piped frosting around the edge of the top part of the cake. It was so much easier than doing chocolate curls!

              1. re: chowser

                Chowser - can you describe what the frosting was like on that cake when you made it? Although I have been in love w/ the double boiler method of making 7 min frosting for years, I thought I would try doing it exactly like the recipe for this cake, partly because I needed more frosting than my recipe makes. The result was fluffy like meringue, but not thick like marshmellow. I'm not sure if I screwed it up somehow, or if that's the way it's supposed to be. The recipe has WAY less sugar per eggwhite than my recipe. I had the feeling as I was pouring syrup that there needed to be more of it. The worst part was how strong the taste of cream of tarter was in the finished product.

                So I tossed it and made 1 1/2 recipes of my go-to frosting and it turned out really nice. The cake itself was interesting w/ the occasional hit of extra chocolate from the addition of chopped chocolate. Not a very sweet choc cake which made it a nice pair w/ the sweet frosting. Thanks for the idea.

                1. re: danna

                  It sounds similar to yours, fluffy and tasted like marshmallow without the chewiness. I didn't detect the cream of tartar taste but you could have more sensitive taste buds than I do. I do prefer frostings with more fat so while I like the cake, usually use a different frosting.