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May 9, 2012 08:12 AM

great place to get friends together for drinks/apps? Pref. UWS

we are looking to get together a group (could go anywhere from 10-30 people) for drinks/apps in a great atmosphere - someplace large enough to accommodate if more people show up. Could be anywhere in Manhattan, but preferably upper west side - probably 5-7 or 8 on a week night...Any suggestions?

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      1. somewhere in between - not super high-end but not a dive, either! this is for a mid-30's to mid 40's crowd...

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        1. re: Aiko1

          Maybe Tangled Vine? They have a great happy hour which might fit your bill.

          1. re: Aiko1

            Telepan has a nice, spacious bar, though 30 people would be a bit tight.

          2. Maybe Toast at 105th? It's kinda spacious and in they have a lot of outdoor seating on the sidewalk.

            1. Tolani.. good layout to get a group space. Good wine/drinks. And good food