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May 9, 2012 07:50 AM

Any info on Happy’s Bar & Kitchen

Looking for a menu if anyone has seen one. Or a report if anyone has been there.

Sorry if this is a repeat but I did a search and haven't come up with any info as of yet.

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  1. Website here, but no menu on it yet:

    I've been in, quite liked what I tried, a few bar-snack kind of things. Big, loud space, ought to do well as a Sox pre-game stop. It's only been open to the public for a week, so it may take a bit for service to settle down. I'm most curious about the proper Jewish deli items on the menu: chicken soup, pastrami, etc., since decent versions of those are so rare in Boston.

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    1. re: MC Slim JB

      Thanks for the website link, looks like the menu is now on the site. Pastrami only appears on the lunch menu.

      1. re: Jpan99

        No prices on the menu. Hopefully they add those soon. I hate when restaurants have menus online without prices.

        1. re: Jpan99

          From the breakfast menu: "Judy’s Ridiculously Delicious Creamy Soft Scrambled Eggs".

          Also, "Perfect Spaghetti", "The Greatest Wedge... Ever", and "Decadent and Gooey Grilled Cheese Sandwich". What, you couldn't wait for the Phantom Gourmet to review that sandwich?

          I so hate menu prose like that. Underpromise, overdeliver, I say.

          But I like that it's doing three-meal service.

      2. I emailed them this morning asking if they took reservations and if they could email/fax a menu. Awaiting reply.

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        1. re: Kodiak604

          they definitely take reservations...I called yesterday, because I wanted to go for pre-Sox brunch on Mother's day. However, they are not yet open for lunch/brunch. But they would have made a reservation for me, if they were!

          They have an Opentable page with info, but it says they can't make a reservation through it yet...I imagine that will be coming shortly.

          1. re: Kodiak604

            The other day, they faxed a menu to me. They were having computer issues and couldn't email it. The pastrami sandwich isn't on it, and I thought there was a part of it missing. On Monday, I went for a late lunch and there was a sign that said they didn't open until 4:30-5. I don't remember which time it said(old age is kicking in).

          2. We went and were disappointed to say the least, but I was waiting to see if anyone else had any feedback. I'm also curious about the chicken soup, but I did not see any pastrami or "etc." (in terms of deli food) anywhere on the menu at all. Ordered lemony roast chicken and got a single teeeeensy piece of chicken in salty, sort of cornstarchy-seeming gravy. It's not their fault I am not that much of a gravy person, or that I don't like olives, which the orzo side dish was completely full of. But it was still just ... not good. Guy at the next table got the "TV dinner" and it too looked kind of gross and gloopy and like, well, TV dinner. I honestly felt as if some kind of prank were being played on us. And I am really not that fussy.

            They do seem to take reservations, though. Let us know if the promised pastrami ever materializes on the menu, or do you have to say the secret password ... ?

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            1. re: BostonCookieMonster

              Wow thanks for the report. Definitely does not sound promising.

            2. we stopped in post-Sox game on Friday night just for drinks and a snack. I thought the cocktails were good, but pricey...$14 seems high for a mixed drink. We had their DIY Nachos, which served a plate of chips, and a lazy susan with a small pitcher of melted cheese, some sour cream, salsa fresca, guac, sliced black olives, sliced red jalapenos. I enjoyed this over the usual loaded plates of nachos. but its definitely a smaller thing than you might get elsewhere. They were happy to bring us more chips, though, when we used up the original portion and still had toppings.

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              1. re: ChinaCat

                "Melted cheese" as in like a Velveeta style cheese or the canned/bagged stuff you get with your Fenway or Garden nachos? I am no nacho snob by any means, but liquid cheese on nachos has never worked for me especially in a restaurant setting. A better idea would be to bring out the nachos with the cheese melted on it and then let you add your toppings on your own.

                1. re: Gordough

                  it didn't seem to be orange-y velveeta style cheese. It was pale yellow, the color of natural cheddar, and creamy. It was a little like fondue, or a queso dip. It didn't harden much as it cooled, so it wasn't straight melted cheese either. I liked it, because the chips don't get all soggy, and you don't have some with more cheese, and some with none.

                2. re: ChinaCat

                  To be fair, the shaker drinks are of the birdbath, 12- or 14-ounce cocktail glass variety. I'd be happier at that price if they took the trouble to chill the glasses, though.


                3. It (the food) sounds schmancier than I expected from the pre-opening press, but I'd give it a whirl, if I ever manage to get out.