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May 9, 2012 07:45 AM

Joey's - Eaton Centre

Going on Saturday for a friends birthday. I know it is a chain but wondering if there are any safe bets on the menu? Saw a recommendation for the burger in another general thread. Seems like the menu is on the pricey side in general, anything else good? I imagine that they serve similar dishes at the Don Mills location so recommendations if you have eaten there too would be helpful.

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  1. I've been to Joey's at Don Mills a couples times. The vibe was fun both visits with sports on the screen and good people in the very large bar area. We had snacks/apps that are probably on par with a Milestones.

    1. Been to the Eaton Centre location a number of times, for drinks and food. I quite enjoy their fish tacos - there is a rare tuna and a fried white fish. Everything is pretty pricey and the tacos won't fill you up. I usually eat a sandwich before I go and just get the tacos. The calamari is a large serving and good for sharing.

      sorry, haven't tried the burger.


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        Good atmosphere but would not call it fine dining. I have had lobster ravioli, overpriced - hardly any lobster. More of an appetizer - since I did not feel full.
        Also had the black peppercorn steak. it was good - the accompanying 'potato' was cute. It was more like a long potato spring roll. But once again, overpriced.

      2. Go for the drinks and company and consider the food a necessary evil! In these instance I eat as little as possible without drawing attention to it and then have a bowl of cereal when I get home.

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              JennaBean, agree, in these kinds of situations, it's better to go for the company.

              I choose my restaurants when I'm organizing a restaurant meal, so it's only fair that my friends choose the restaurant when it's their turn to organize. Lately, I've been interested to see which restaurants my non-Chowhound friends choose, without my input. Turns out, they usually will choose Joey at TSADM, Biermarkt at TSADM, O & B Grill at Bayview Village and greasy spoons (for breakfast).

              I realize I'm on a different page when it comes to restaurants than most of my non-Chowhound friends. What I didn't realize until I looked at Joey's menu this week, is that the prices Joey is charging for mains ($24 for grilled salmon) are approaching the prices being charged at better restaurants like Biff's ( $26 for Roasted Arctic Char) or Le Select ($26.95 for roast salmon).

              Next time you face the necessary evil of eating at Joey, I recommend the fried calamari at Joey. It was better than I expected, and better than a bowl of cereal at home.

            2. I've had the burger a couple of times, with and without bacon/cheese -- prefer it without. For a $15 burger it's alright. They put a 1000-Islandish dressing on it that gets kind of sloppy. Fries are skinny and addictive.

              1. I haven't eaten at a Joey in Ontario, but I used to like the tandoori chicken flatbread when Joey was still known as Joey Tomato's in Alberta. Tandoori chicken flatbread is still on the menu:

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                1. re: prima

                  Don't get fooled by the lobster grilled cheese either. They push it harder than an Orlando is very underwealming.

                  The apps are generally good, fish tacos are good too.

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                    Ha ha kingsway. What a hilarious post. Thx for the laugh.