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May 9, 2012 07:41 AM

Brunch in Asheville

Looking for Sunday brunch with a disabled family member who is gluten free. She lives near the Grove Park Inn. To make everything easier, I'm looking for a place that will be easy to get in with a wheelchair and with close parking. Buffets (ie the Grove Park Inn) would be difficult. Prefer reservations.

I was thinking of Stoney Knob. Or Honey Tupelo South (reservations), but it's a little out of our way.

Any other place we should consider?


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  1. Posana! Excellent and everything is GF. It's downtown on the square - you could drop them off and park in the garage across the street if there was no close street parking avail.

    We had lunch at Avenue M on Merrimon as well and thought is was good. That would be close to the neighborhood.

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      Suggest you call about wheel chair access at Posana, it's two steps up from the street.

    2. I don't recall a step up into Curate, plus I think it might be easy to get gluten free there.

      1. Is this person celiac? Grove Park - all restaurants - trained in Gluten Free safe dining. Posana is 100% gluten free. Tupelo Honey - both locations trained in gluten free safe kitchen techniques.