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May 9, 2012 07:21 AM

Baltimore Mother's Day Brunch Ideas

any idea for a good to great place for brunch this Sunday? Taking two toddlers, so it can't be too foo foo (like wit and wisdom...)

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  1. If you don't mind not being in the heart of downtown, then I suggest Clementine. Great food and a very kid-friendly environment, complete with a living-room-like play area for the kiddos.
    Clementine is on Harford Road (Hamilton).

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    1. re: slang

      Great choice, but they are booked solid (as are several places like Waterfront, Petit Louie, Bagby and Roys)

      1. re: Dithyramb

        Gertrude's at BMA? Or do you need something that would be more of a hidden gem kind of idea? Golden West in Hampden is good - you can't make a reservation but can call ahead up to an hour before showing up.
        Finding a kid-friendly brunch place that takes reservations is harder than it seems. I just went through this a few weeks ago. Ended up at Clementine but also considered Golden West, Gertrude's, Harryman House (Reisterstown).