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May 9, 2012 06:38 AM

Greek in the Chapel Hill area?

I'm looking for a place for a relaxed, quiet birthday family dinner for 6 people coming from different areas of the country. Four senior (one in her late 90's) diners, one diner in her 40s, one 9-year-old. Parking needs to be easy..

Everyone in the group loves Greek/Mediterranean food. Our go-to place used to be Nikos, but I guess that's gone now. Our now-favorite for some of us is Mediterranean Grill in Chapel Hill, but the hubbub is unsettling for the eldest in our group. We've been toTalullas, but someone in our group thought it was meh.

I haven't been in the area for a while. Suggestions? Spartacus, or is that mediocre? Papas? Other ideas?


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  1. Papa's Grill is the right place. It's a bit pricey for dinner (compared to say Spartacus (ugh)), but for "seniors" it really dominates the other places -- good food and nice ambiance.

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      I would agree with the Papa's rec. And Talullas is pretty meh for the price. Is it strictly stuck to Durham/Chapel Hill? Also, last time I was at Papa's Grill about 2 months ago there was road construction on that road. Just make sure you know where it is and take that first left into the complex or you may be going a while before you can U-Turn it.

      1. re: burgeoningfoodie

        When we first moved to CH we loved Talullahs. Then it went through a really bad period. But Lulu and I had a night to ourselves and were bored with the usual options so we tried it about a year ago, and ever since we've been going regularly. When I complained about one item (and it probably was my fault for assuming it would be different from how it came out) they quickly took it from us and gave us a free dessert. Not sure the last time people tried it was, but I think if it was more than a year ago, it is worth giving it another shot.

        1. re: LulusMom

          We go to Tallulah's about once a month, and have for the past year or so. LuLusMom is dead on -- after a bad period it's very good these days.

          I thought the OP was skittish about it so that's what produced Papa's as a rec. Papa's is much "finer" dining, but I'll take Tallulah's grilled fish (sea bass or sea bream) flown in from their Mediterranean purveyor each Thursday for the weekend over lamb any day.

          1. re: walras

            I third Tallula's after a meh period they're back. was there two months ago with a big group and everyone loved the food.

            1. re: Rory

              Is Tallula's Greek?! They advertise as Turkish and Ottoman.

              1. re: jsb23nc

                They're Turkish, but Turkish food is (shh, don't tell either one we said so) very similar to Greek.