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best vegan food

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I know this was covered years ago, but looking for a fresh take on the best vegan food around the city. Anywhere on the Island is great, in any price range. Simply looking for the best vegan food around, most likely in an all-vegan resto.

Thanks so much in advance!!

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  1. I actually just posted a review yesterday of Dirt Candy, which i thought was beautifully executed vegan food. Here's a link to the post: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/848250

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      thank you!
      so, do you have to specify that you'd like it vegan, or are the dishes you ordered vegan by design?

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        They ask you when ordering if you'd like a dish made vegan (a couple are vegetarian as the default preparation) - and then substitute 1 or 2 ingredients. It seemed to have been pretty stardard practice, though.

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        I was also going to suggest Blossom and I think One Lucky Duck has a lot of take away vegan options.

      2. Kajitsu? Their chef who got the Michelin stars recently left, and I don't think there have been any reviews since the new guy started. But it probably hasn't changed that much.

        1. Just found this old post from Serious Eats. A few I had forgotten about: http://newyork.seriouseats.com/2011/1...

          1. Candle 79
            Peacefood Cafe
            Buddha Bodhai

            1. Dirt Candy and Blossom are very good, but I don't see anything being better than Pure Food & Wine.

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                Wilfrid- I'm planning a visit to Pure Food & Wine in the very near future. I would love any standout recommendations of what to order, if you have any that come to mind.

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                  I loved their heirloom tomato lasagna, but heard that the recipe has been changed and it's no longer as extraordinary as it was. True?

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                    i believe they change the ingredients seasonally, it is still good.

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                    I have not been to any other vegan restaurants mentioned in this thread, but this carnivore very much enjoyed recent dinner at Pure Food & Wine.

                  3. I finally made it to Pure Food and Wine this past weekend and was able to sit out on their back patio. We ordered the lasagna per the recs I found here, and while it was good, it wasn't the standout dish. The tomato paste was a little too thick and plentiful, and overwhelmed the other flavors in the lasagna. That said, the other flavors (especially the macadamia pumpkin seed ricotta) were great.

                    My favorite dish was a new appetizer: "King oyster mushroom scallops with brussel sprouts and shitake miso broth served with miso glazed pecans, shaved radish, and micro mustard." Really light and well flavored- highly recommend trying it out. I posted photos of the 3 dishes we ordered on my blog, if you're interested: http://wp.me/p2oASx-7n

                    1. Thanks everyone! Our first try from your suggestions was Candle Cafe. We ordered the grilled kale salad (excellent), the lobster mushroom ravioli (excellent) and the grilled seitan (very good). It was a wonderful meal followed up with a raw dessert from Peacefood on the other side of the park. Made for a delicious evening. Thanks again and looking forward to trying more of your suggestions soon!

                      1. We finally made it to Blossom, and were really underwhelmed. We ordered the empanada, the cigars, ravioli with cashew cream, port wine seitan, and wild mushroom tart.

                        My husband really liked the empanada (I thought it was forgettable) and I really liked the cigars and ravioli. The port wine seitan reminded me of something I would have received at Zen Palate and the tart had too much going on and not enough mushroominess. The beets overpowered most every other flavor in the dish.

                        Maybe it was an off night?

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                          no, i've been underwhelmed at my one or two blossom trips as well. and felt irritated at the price to quality ratio.

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                            I agree with your assessment about price to quality ratio. something was lacking in the most basic element--the food quality itself. and the preparation lacked edge.

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                              yes, exactly.

                              dirt candy has far far far more interesting food.

                        2. Rawlicious, a new vegan/raw food restaurant has opened on Centre St. near Grand. I have eaten there three times and think it is wonderful.

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                            thanks! we really love raw vegan. Will check it out!!

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                              Candle 79 is my favorite but Downtown, Soy and Sake and Red Bamboo are good.
                              Counter ( in East Village) was great but now closed. Supposedly chef is opening new place in Williamsburg. Lula's vegan ice cream tastes great

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                              Good news - what do you like there?

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                                So far I've had: the flatbread and nori rolls appetizers; and the olive/currant/seeds/nuts/green salad, collard roll, and nut loaf mains. I really liked them all but my favorites, I think, are the flatbread and salad. The flavors are very intense (as is typical, I think, with well prepared raw food). The portion sizes don't look huge but are, in fact, larger I think than is typical for raw food and the food is dense and very filling. The decor is very upscale and attractive, and the seating very plush. The ambience is much better than most places in the surrounding blocks (this is Centre St. across the street from the old Police headquarters).