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May 9, 2012 06:31 AM

help - private dining near pimlico/westminster [London]

has anyone any suggestions? i need a private room for 10 people and have a budget of £100 a head, food, wine and room hire. walkable or an easy cab journey from tate britain.

i don't want anything too traditional in terms of setting and it needs to be suitable for veggies, pecatarians and omnivores alike!

i tried tinello but their room charge is £450! the cinnamon club is an option but i hear mixed things about their food so am nervous.

any other thoughts?

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  1. You can try emailing Mossiman's in Belgravia -- it's a private members dining club, but they will allow non-members to book private rooms for dining. It may stretch your budget slightly if you drink good wine, but its a really incredible place to take guests.

    1. Quilon perhaps? Close enough, and they do private dining. Should be within budget as well.

      1. thank you both. mossiman's looks amazing but sadly their room hire charges are also high - the lalique room, which would have been wonderful is similar to £450.

        i'd forgotten about quilon - sadly their minimum spend is more than my budget but they have a semi-private space which might end up as a back up option.

        i shall keep looking!

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          Out of curiosity, what is the minimum spend at these places?

          1. re: Scythe

            it varies scythe, on a wednesday evening for the spaces i'm looking at quilon needs £1250 and cinnamon club needs £1500. some have room hire on top as well.

            there are lots of places across the city which are more affordable (alyn williams and medlar being two examples), i'm just struggling with this area.

            1. re: abby d

              Not sure if it's in play, but you might consider further west along Embankment (somewhere like Painted Heron), or even just across the river, stretch to Waterloo or so. Might not be too far in terms of a cab ride.