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May 9, 2012 06:27 AM

Lead me to a great wine-pairing dinner in Delray

I'd like to gift my father-in-law with an amazing wine-pairing dinner experience. It needs to be in Delray, near his home. Italian would be best but I'm open to anyplace that does an excellent job. Nothing too terribly frou-frou. Any ideas?

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  1. No personal experience on this but saw an article that Solita Italian restaurant in Delray is having one May 15 and another in June. Others in this area may be able to offer advice on Solita in general.

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      If it's anything like te one in Fort Lauderdale, the food is very mediocre.

    2. Check out 32 East. They have a great wine list and excellent food and may offer what you are looking for.

      1. Cafe Maxx!:

        One of the FLL wine stores always has events there, and I'd get on their mailing list: Wine Watch. I would drool over all the amazing events they set up, but never went to because of distance (something that won't be a problem for you).

        Your interest in wine pairing dinners has inspired me to dig up and update an old thread on the subject, that I hope will keep some momentum.

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          Thanks everyone. I'll research all of these. I also wrote to Max's Harvest to see if they have anything along these lines but haven't heard back. I'm surprised. In Orlando, nearly every restaurant seems to have one monthly.

          1. Here's an update - DaDa in Delray will be doing a series...