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May 9, 2012 06:04 AM

Hungarian cookbook

Hey folks,

Can anybody out there recommend a hungarian cookbook and the reasons why you recommend it? Thank you in advance.


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  1. btt--I'm getting buried already!

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        Thank you. Will investigate. Any others?

    1. I have Gourmet Pot by Kálmán Tolnai, which I bought sight unseen, because it seemed to be authoritative, and I wanted an authentic recipe for the paprika sauce used in goulash. I haven't used it for anything else. This book is so authentic and comprehensive that it contains a lot of unusual recipes that most Americans wouldn't want to make, even if they could.

      About 500 recipes, several color illustrations. In English, but measurements are by weight and the terminology is sometimes obscure.

      1. Ive been cooking from the George Lang book for many years, very satisfied and its also a fine read..

        Paul Kovi's Transylvanian cookbook is also very much worth a look.

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          I'll second George's is a fun read and I gave it to two Hungarian friends for examination. they both pronounced it excellent. Sour cherry soup is a winner, but you got to have that in a Hungarian cookbook.

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