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May 9, 2012 04:53 AM

Lte dinner Soho area

We are coming to NYC for a wedding memorial day weekend. We arrive Friday night at 7pm, so we are looking for a restaurant close to the Marriott downtown. Saturday night we are eating Mexican with a large group, but would welcome Sunday brunch suggestions.
Open to all suggestions where jeans are okay..

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  1. The Mariott downtown is by the 9/11 Memorial, not Soho. Is that the one you're staying at?

    Your subject line you wrote "lte dinner" -- did you mean light dinner? Late dinner? 7pm is not all that late, especially on a Friday night. Unless you mean your flight arrives at 7pm?

    How do you want to spend per person before tax, tip, wine/drinks? How big is your party? Are you willing to wait for a table? Any cuisines you would prefer?

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      Sorry, flight arrives at 7. Yes a light dinner, and someone miss informed me of the location, saying the hotel was near soho. Looking for a restaurant walking distance from the hotel and price about
      $80 person without tax and tips. Thanks for your help. That same person recommended Rauols.

      1. re: Amzee

        not a bunch of stuff near your hotel. you ought to walk north about 10 blocks to tribeca. late night, i love walkers for solid bar/grill food with a great crowd. if you like wine, i love terroir in tribeca for their small plates.

    2. ODEON

      Classic NYC in Tribeca

      ...yes, you can walk in off st without reservation & get seat here and his others spots: Pastis., Balthazar, etc

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        It is just my husband and I, so just walk in or short wait somewhere is perfect.