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May 8, 2012 07:57 PM

Egg Slicer?

I've just now broken the wires on yet another egg slicer. Yeah, I know it's a unitasker but when I have a bunch of eggs to cut up there's nothing that does the job better. Does anyone have a brand to share with me that will hold up over time?

And yeah, I did search the previous threads and didn't find a recommendation.

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  1. I bought one at Bed, Bath & Beyond at least ten years ago. It is made entirely of metal, it must be stainless steel as I have put in the dishwasher many times, and it still looks new. The name on it is AMCO Houseworks. It's really heavy, probably weighs a pound. It not only slices, it also makes wedges. I slice mushrooms with it, as well as eggs. In my opinion, it's an excellent tool. I hope you're able to find one. If I remember correctly, it cost about $15.00, which seems like a lot, but you do get what you pay for!

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        Thanks to both of you. I'll check BB&B soon. Right after I riffle through the junk mail to see if I have any of their coupons on hand!

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          I bought that same style -- but with some black plastic parts instead of all metal -- from Williams-Sonoma. It had a broken wire within 25 uses. :-/

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            Bum item and I hope you replaced it for a full refund to WS, Peter.

            I've had my metal version for years. I also own this slicer and use it for all sorts of food items, including eggs:

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            I got an egg slicer that looks just like the one in the Amazon link above at least five years ago. It was a gift and came from Williams Sonoma. It's like a tough little truck parked in the gadget drawer; it's all metal, weighs a ton and has been a joy to use. The link to the Amazon product includes complaints about broken wires, but I haven't had a speck of trouble.

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              I bought the plastic version of this egg slicer (AMCO) and the wire broke ON THE FIRST USE. Horrible product quality IMO.

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                Wow fellow hounds sorry to hear that. Well, the metal version has worked like a champ for me for years. I hope all of you who had trouble with the plastic version returned it for a full refund.

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                  That's because it was plastic! I've had the all metal one for at least 10 years and it's like new.

                  1. re: jacquelyncoffey

                    The plastic didn't break...the wire did. The same wire in the metal version.

            2. If you're only making egg salad or potato salad, a pastry cutter works just as does a box grater.....

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                Unfortunately, that's not all I'm doing. I usually do grate mine for egg salad as I like the texture.

              2. You may want to try your restaurant supply store. They'll typically be heavier duty and cheaper than store-bought ones.

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                  "You may want to try your restaurant supply store"

                  +1 They are usually much heavier and well worth the extra few bucks.


                2. I'm wondering if you could use a butter slicer, so it would be a multi-tasker. Could slice cheese too, I suppose.

                  1. I can't personally recommend this one but a 5 year warranty is pretty impressive.


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                      I can personally recommend that one..It is the ONLY one worth using. To the person commenting on buying the restaurant supply version, they are bigger $5 garbage. Westmark as being sold by Harold Imports or buy a few other companies is the best one on the market. I have been selling them for years..

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                        Thanks. I haven't gotten one yet so this is now in my Amazon cart.