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May 8, 2012 07:44 PM

It's been a pleasure!

I have never been a major force on this board, just a post here and there and a many-year lurker. We are picking up and moving to the Milwaukee area, so the great lakes board will be my new home :)

I will be back in town a couple of times a year for work, so I will have to catch up on local developments when I do!

Thanks everyone, keep eating.

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  1. Have a good move, and good luck! Look out for Cranky Al's Doughnuts, Maxie's Southern Comfort, Benji's Deli, and Gilles Frozen Custard in Milwaukee.

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    1. re: hckybg

      Gilles, eh? I'll have to try it. Kopp's has been our frozen custard of choice on our drives up from Chicago for many years. When they had the audacity to raise their prices to $2.25 for a single (gigantic) scoop we almost considered defecting. ;-)

      1. re: emannths

        Gotta love those Midwestern prices! I haven't been to Kopp's, but Gilles was great.

        1. re: hckybg

          And those burger at Kopps! Good lord, they are tasty. I have in-laws in Milwaukee, it is one of my favorite places. Friday fish fries and Usingers for all your wurst needs, makes me hungry just to think about it.

        2. re: emannths

          Gilles was usually a third choice behind Kopp's and Leon's. But each of the custard stands has it's fans, often seeming to depend on which one happens to be closest to where they live.

          Have a good move, marcreichman. You'll find better German and Central European food there than here. But you may miss the Asian and seafood offerings of New England (amongst other things).

      2. Best wishes to you on your big move.

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        1. re: pemma

          same here, marc. at least you're moving to a pretty state, and not in the middle of winter!

          And some great architecture in milwaukee (City Hall esp!)

        2. It was the great portrayal of Milwaukee in the movie Bridesmaids that did it, right?
          Thanks for your good feedback here on the board - have enjoyed your posts.

          1. Good Luck and Good Dining!

            1. Ciao, Marc. Safe Travels and Good Luck for your new venture...