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May 8, 2012 07:31 PM

Anniversary Dinner in Cannon Beach, Oregon

Celebrating my 30th wedding anniversary next week in Cannon Beach, OR, and would love recommendations for a wonderful steak dinner, in a nice setting. Been to Cannon Beach before, and ate at the Wayfarer and JP's, but I understand JP's is no longer there. Have heard mixed reviews about Stephanies. A locale outside Cannon Beach is even ok, within 20 miles or so. Would appreciate any ideas!

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  1. You might think about Arch Cape Inn (if they have reopened for the season). It's very nearby.

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      Well, we just dined at Stephanie Inn a couple of weeks ago and it was absolutely amazing! We have dined here several times over the years and it's better than ever! You can now order ala carte, no set Fixe Prix dinner. We were seated at a table by the window, it was misting the night we were there. The food quality is excellent, we had a Prawn Salad, Artichoke Soup and the Fillet Mignon which was phenomenal. It is perfect for a special occasion.

      We also dined at Fishes Sushi where JP's used to be. I cannot say enough wondeful things about John Newman's new venue. The space is beautiful and immaculate with an open kitchen. Our food was delicious and the service was very attentive. The have steak on the menu there which we went back to try one night but they were closed.

      Have fun in Cannon Beach! :)

    2. I agree with Syrahgirl. We had a wonderful dinner at Stephanie Inn a couple of weeks ago. Great service and food. I think it would make a very nice 30th anniversary spot... With a romantic walk on the beach afterwords maybe...

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        We always go into the lobby after dinner and relax in the chairs by the window. This is a great place to catch a sunset. :)

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          We enjoyed that view for a few minutes before dinner but we were lucky enough to be staying in an oceanfront room next door at Ocean Lodge so we had a great view from our room. The prix fixe dinner was so good at Stephanie Inn - I'm ready to go back!