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May 8, 2012 07:25 PM

Olde Towne Inn(?) Suffern

Obviously, I'm not even sure what the name of this place was, but it faced the train tracks. I stopped in a half dozen times while coming on/off the NY Thruway. I always thought it was pretty good food for a decent price, and the establishment itself seemed like it had been around forever. The only problem I could discern was that you had to wait around for a very, very long time before they actually got around to serving you, and the waitresses, while pleasant, often seemed befuddled. Last time I drove by, the place was obviously gone (I think there's a Greek restaurant there now). Anybody have any idea why a seemingly venerable (at least to me, a NJ native who comes to Suffern only occasionally) old watering hole like this went belly up?

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  1. I knew the place fairly well and had been there many times. I used to meet up with friends there. It was a nice crowd, from college kids to a more mature 30's and 40's something kind of crowd. It got pretty wild there once or twice, LOL. Nice, local, "pub" kind of place. More than a shot and beer joint, but nothing fancy.

    Anyway, I don't know specifically why it closed down. Owner/management seemed to be a bit distracted or disconnected on occasion. The owner didn't know about restaurant week and missed the entire promotion the last year they were open. I was told -- and can't confirm -- that he wasn't there quite a bit toward the end. I don't know if he was involved in other projects or what.

    Yes, there is a Greek restaurant there now. As a matter of fact, I stopped in there tonight for some food to go.

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      Thanks for the info., ELA. It's a shame; I liked the atmosphere of an old neighborhood place that had a certain timeless quality to it, but I suppose nothing lasts forever. Am debating trying a place some miles up the road in Sloatsburg called the Rhodes Inn. Read a very complimentary piece on it in the "Tommy Eats" blog. I stopped there once several years ago for a glass or 2 of wine, but I've never partaken of their cuisine. I've also been a few times to a place in Mahwah
      called (I think) the Mahwah Inn (or Tavern; obviously I'm not very good at memorizing names). I think Tuesdays they have "Pasta Night" that seemed very popular the few times I was there. Again-- it seems to have been around for awhile (certainly the building itself seems pretty old) and the people that were there the night I patronized it seemed more than satisfied with the food, although the service seemed spotty (friendly service, but the servers seemed very young and inexperienced).

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        Rhodes is an excellent place. Diverse crowd. Very good food -- burgers, sandwiches, etc. Actually check out a thread here on Suffern lunch places or do a search for Rhodes and you will see a post of mine on it. A chef friend of mine went there and ordered the lamp chops -- and she loved them! Rhodes has a lot to offer -- music, food, crowd, outside areas, parties, etc.

        Try it -- more than once -- to get a feel for it.

        Not sure about the other place you are referring to. Mahwah Bar & Grill?

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            Thanks for the thread--- interesting. Couple of places you mentioned on there seem interesting, but it firms my resolve to check out Rhodes for the actual food as opposed to the drink (I was there midday, as I remember it, and one very nice, attractive but exceedingly drunk young woman insisted I meet an elderly man whom she swore was the son of Les Paul--- maybe he was, but my feeling at the time was that if people were getting crocked that early in the day, I'd better be moving on; then again, that would probably hold true for any large bar area I happened to be in, at Rhodes Inn or the bar at the local hotel or wherever).

            Now that you mentioned the Mahwah Bar & Grill, that sounds right. I was there once about a half dozen years ago, and once again about a year ago. Not a place I'd make a special trip for, but if I happened to be in the vicinity again around dinnertime, I wouldn't mind eating there again.

          2. re: ELA

            I've had very mixed results at Rhodes recently... overcooked burgers, undercooked fries (soggy), inexperience servers (forgetting to put complete orders into the kitchen)... hoping it turns around, though it always seems busy so the customers must not mind.

            1. re: Sdenred

              The reviewer from "Tommy Eats" seemed very impressed by the pulled pork sandwich (if I remember right). I think he enthused over the burger as well. Maybe you were there on an off night; conversely, maybe Tommy was there on an "on" night. It does seem to attract a large crowd; then again, so does the "Olive Garden."

              1. re: legsdiamond12

                He praised the roast pork sandwich, saying think Philly roast pork (like DINic's) but no greens and I think jack instead of provolone. So really it's not like the Philly Roast Pork at all.