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May 8, 2012 06:31 PM

Easy good dinner in San Jose, on the way to Monterey

Flyng in on a thursday night to SJC from Hawaii and driving down to Monterey. Looking for some good food in San Jose region on the way down to Monterey close to the airport or highway on the way down to Monterey. Given that we just came from a month in Hawaii and live in Florida where Mexican food sucks, we would love some really authentic great stuff. Fast, casual.... you get the idea. Any good recommendations?


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  1. With 2 locations on N. Santa Cruz Rd. just off Highway 17 Andale, a small chain, open until 10.

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    1. re: wolfe

      Landing at 9:45pm Probably won't make it

    2. There are half a dozen Mexican places open late in downtown San Jose, just a few blocks off off the direct route to Monterey (87 > 280 > 101).

      1. Bakery Mexico has great tortas. I'm particularly fond of torta milanesa but they have a wide range of options. Open until 11 pm according to y**p, though you might want to double check that.

        I've only been to their Story Rd location. From SJC, the other location is slightly more direct, but not by a whole lot. Worth the slightly detour IMO.