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May 8, 2012 06:05 PM

Kiawah Island - 2 days only

On a whim I booked a villa for the Saturday and Sunday of Memorial Day weekend - it says it is on the West Beach. I am excited but know nothing about Kiawah and am a little confused with the layout of the island.

I am not able to check in until 4pm on Saturday so I thought I'd park and hit the beach somewhere near my villa on the West Beach. For lunch I'd love recs for a takeout place with good sandwiches that I could bike to (I want to maximize my beach time so I'm thinking to-go would be best...and I don't know how tight parking is so I thought biking could be the way to go?), or I thought about maybe visiting the Sanctuary for lunch. It seems like there are a few restaurants there - any favorites? If I'm not staying there would I be able to order lunch by the pool?

I will be bringing my bike and thought biking to dinner to get a feel for the island would be a good thing to do after I check in. Is there a place you recommend considering I will be dining alone? A place with good bar food or a good takeout place? I think I read somewhere about a good wood-fired pizza place...would that be close enough for me to bike to and enjoy back at my villa if it on on the West Beach? I guess I could drive but again, didn't know how traffic would be during the holiday weekend. We saw horrible traffic leaving Folly Beach two weekend ago and I wouldn't wish that upon anyone.

I would also not be opposed to cooking in one night if there was a good place for me to stop and get fresh shrimp - I could do this on the way in from Charleston too I guess but wanted to know if there was a place on KI. Any suggestions?

Any other things to consider? Thanks in advance!

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  1. I don't get out there much, so I can't help you with the specifics. Not sure you can use the Sanctuary pool unless you're a guest. Can you get through the gate before check-in? If not, go to Beachwalker Park.

    I CAN tell you that Fat Hen, on the way out, is great.

    My Kiawah friends will give you better specifics on TA.

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    1. re: Sue in Mt P

      Thanks, I posted on TA too and got a good response. Appreciate the help!

      1. re: Sue in Mt P

        I LOVE the Fat Hen... love, love, love. And it was you, Sue, who sent us there last year when we were staying in Kiawah. It's worth the drive.

        JB's Smokeshack has amazing takeout pork barbecue with all the fixin's, and it's not far from Fresh Fields.

        La Tela is a wood-fired pizza place in Fresh Fields that has some great pizza, salads, etc. I don't think the restaurants w/i the resort are really great food spots (and they are overpriced to boot - we had cocktails at the sanctuary and the average price of a specialty cocktails was $20 - laughable, and the service was weak), but you can make it by bike to Fresh Fields.

        1. re: lynnlato

          lynn, last time I was there I had the duck sausage and apple brunch dish. It knocked the socks right off my feet!

          1. re: Sue in Mt P

            Sue, I just looked up that duck apple sausage gratin dish on their menu. One word - WOWZA! I would eat the Hell out of that! For those that are wondering, here's their description: "DUCK & APPLE SAUSAGE GRATIN layers of crepes, sausage, gruyere cheese, caramelized onions, fried egg".

            I loved their steak tartare. And the atmosphere and service are fabulous too. We're headed to Folly Beach in June and we're definitely swinging by The Fat Hen for a meal... or two.

            To the OP, I see The Fat Hen added a new bar. That'd be a great spot for a single person to dine.

            1. re: lynnlato

              Thanks! Will definitely hit Fat Hen for brunch if not dinner too! Great suggestions.

      2. I can't be much help either. I have never eaten on the island, except I did have drinks at the Sanctuary one evening. (nice) For the first time this past Dec the Sanctuary had a security guard checking room keys at the pool area, but you can easily access the beach from their parking lot (go left). My friends have eaten at an Italian place in the Freshfields center where you turn to head to the island and they said it was acceptable. The Rosebanks place that I didn't care for is just past that, going toward Seabrook...most people seem to like it.

        I think you'd be OK to bike to either of those, but beware...I took my bike down this winter and was shocked by the viciousness of Charleston area drivers. They want you dead...or at least don't care one way or another. Charleston has a real problem w/ bike-hating drivers and littering in that area. I would not head much past Freshfields headed toward Chas on a bike unless you are a very seasoned cyclist w/ nerves of steel (i thought I was until recently). I'm told the roads on Seabrook are safe.