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May 8, 2012 05:38 PM

ISO location for private party of 50-100 in Morris/Somerset county area

I'm planning a summer law school graduation party for between 50 and 100 people. The Morristown area or Somerset county, north of Somerville, would be ideal because guests will be coming from as far west as Hunterdon and as far east as Essex.

Guests will range from families with teens to classmates to former bosses/co-workers. I'd love something historic or quirky or just plain fun - good food and atmosphere trump fanciness. Am also open to dinner, lunch or brunch, as I'm not planning for dancing. This will be a reunion for some of us who haven't seen each other in several years.

A friend suggested the Grain House/Olde Mill Inn in Basking Ridge, especially since a few guests are coming from out-of-town. It looks lovely, but I'd like to find some other options.


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    Hamilton Farms was once part of of an estate that expanded 10,000 acres, essentially the entire county of Somerset and served as an emergency hospital for injured Merchant Marines during World War II. More recently, it's been the site for the Olympic and United States Equestrian Teams. The grounds, buildings and history are very impressive.

    1. 90 Acres in Natirar is also a special spot. They now have a tent attached to the old mansion which would be to big, but inside the mansion itself might fit, the views from there are something. There are also nice rooms at the hotel across from the Verizon headquarters which is just over the highway from the Grain House. Dolce I think.

      1. If you'd like an outside venue ... try the Stagehouse in Somerset.

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          Thank you for all the suggestions! I called Natirar, but they can only fit 40 in the restaurant and want more than 100 to rent a room on a weekend. Hamilton Farm looks lovely, but is members only. I'm checking out Stagehouse and Dolce. Also thinking of cutting the number of invitations down to see if that helps with finding a restaurant.

        2. The Madison Hotel in Convent Station has a couple of options. If you are under 100, the Conservatory is lovely.