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May 8, 2012 05:18 PM

Looking for Blair's hot sauce

Does any one know if Blair's hot sauce (and their other products) are available in TO yet? Or if you still have to order online from the US?

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  1. Did you try St. Lawrence Market?? There's a place in the basement that has a large selection of hot sauces.

    I haven't been in a while but there was a place out in St. Jacobs. I believe they were a franchise.


    1. Max's Market in Bloor West Village has it; I imagine similar upscale groceries will too.

      1. Yes? Hi! There are only some of the stores that carry only the small variety of the Blairs. The downstairs store at the st lawrence market is the gone but the mexican spice store down there carries some of the regular Blairs. Schefflers had it for the two weeks but made the dumb and now they dont have the Blairs. The Sun Valley on the Danforth also the few Blairs sauces too. There is the hotsauce store at the St. Jacobs and the mississauga called the Taste The 4Th Sense which has lots of the good hot sauce (even the Blairs). You can get the blairs chips at most of the 7/11 and the Bulk Barn in the big bags. Make the smart and eat the Blairs!

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          Thanks for the recommendations. I've lived in TO for decades. Never been to the St. Lawence Market. Will go there to check when I have the chance.

          While we're on the topic of hot about Crystal's Louisianna cajun hot sauce? Did any of you see it at the mentioned places?

          I'm in LA right now...could order from but would rather save myself the trouble of bringing it up to TO when I return later this year.

          How about a reputable Canadian online retailer?