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May 8, 2012 03:13 PM

Burlington, Vermont area: Best places to hit on a long weekend

We are heading up to Vermont from NJ for a long weekend at The Essex in a few weeks. I would like to get some suggestions on places for breakfast, lunch and dinner (or anything else to see and do besides in that area. This our first trip to Vermont and know nothing about that area.
Thanks in advance!

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  1. Burlington is one of the most asked about places on this board, so searching "Burlington" turns up:

    And a search for Burlington Breakfast turned up:

    Some of these threads are a little bit older, but many have recent posts on them.

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    1. I will add a couple thoughts:

      1. If your visit is the weekend of 5/18 - 5/20 it is going to be really tough to get into the popular restaurants as it is a big prom weekend and UVM Graduation, if it is later, you should be fine.

      2. The Chef's Table at The Essex is great as is the spa.

      3. Take a ride to Stowe via The Notch (if the weather is nice). Quite an experience and will only cost you gas money. Again, if nice, pack a picnic and enjoy some amazing scenery.

      4. The Belted Cow Bistro is within 10 minutes of The Essex and is a great spot for dinner

      5. For lunch, try Church Street, food options aren't great but the "scene" is fun

      6. Try the other threads for breakfast as we rarely eat breakfast away from home

      7. Kitchen Table Bistro and Hen of the Wood are exceptional

      Enjoy your visit !

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        Well, we will be up there 05/17 - 05/20. Thanks for all the suggestions. Besides the popular restaurants you mentioned, are there any other places that we should avoid....restaurants or attractions? Is the Farmers Market worth a look while we are up there? Thanks in advance!

        1. re: ChazE215

          Farmers Market is worth the trip into Burlington for sure. I would try calling any places you are interested in ASAP and the ride up the Notch will be great if the weather is nice. The Chef's Table might not be too busy at the Essex, especially the 9:00 seating (it seem harder to get a table at 6 than at 8 in Vermont). You should be able to get a reservation on the 17th and 18th but the 19th is going to be tough.......

          1. re: TonyO

            Just a note, the weather this weekend is supposed to be wonderful. I highly recommend going to the farmer's market on Saturday and grabbing food/produce for a picnic. The farmer's market has expanded from 68 vendors to 90 this year. It sounds wonderful! Also, if you want to get away from the crowds, come down to Montpelier.

      2. I did a NJ to Burlington trip a year ago and fell in love with two places: - this is an incredibly charming restaurant maybe a half hour or so drive from Burlington. Great local food and a beautiful environment, especially if it's a nice night and you can get a seat outside in the patio area infront of the waterfall.

        and - granted this is a pizza place and a chain, but I thought the pizza was to die for, the place is a lot of fun and casual but still nice, and has a great beer selection - if that's your thing.

        As for one more thing to do, I'd also highly recommend renting a bike and using the main bike path. It's a healthy but easy trip and a great way to see some beautiful scenery. - this place has all of the details. Enjoy!

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        1. re: MinhLikesFood

          Just want to opine that American Flatbread is not a "pizza place," and if having places in Waitsfield, Middlebury and Burlington VT only means it's a chain, well, it still ain't Pizza Hut. They make incredibly good flatbreads, ingredients sourced locally. They build their own wood fired ovens, their servers are well trained and cheerful. The Flatbread brewer in Burlington is known to the brew lovers as being the best microbrewer in the region, and they have a wide selection from around the region, as well. It's a lot nicer than a "brew pub," also - beautiful view of City Hall Park from huge floor to ceiling windows. No reservations ahead, but they'll give you a beeper and you can wait with a brew or even walk around CIty Hall Park or Church Street while you wait.