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May 8, 2012 01:35 PM

queen's surf snack bar

queen's surf cafe & lanai

this place opens at 7am and is open till 7 M-W, 9 T-Sat, 8pm on Sunday. Thursday - Sunday evening starting around 5 till closing they have live music. The food is reasonably priced. This past sunday a friend and i spontaneously decided to eat there (since we were at the beach at sunset) and both had the grilled pork chops. Very nicely prepared, 2 fairly thick chops, very moist and flavorful. Served with a decent portion of salad and either fries or rice. Fries ok, the rice was slightly over cooked, but not badly so. They have a variety of foods (hot dog 2.95, fries, 295, fish and chips 8.95, Furukake ahi plate 10.95 to name a few.) No alcohol.

These owners put a lot of effort into sprucing up the place before they opened, hope they make a go of it after a long string of disasters and horrors before. They don't seem to have a website. Its hard to beat siting on the beach at Waikiki at sunset with live music watching the surfers paddle back in from a day riding the waves.

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  1. Did you get a business card? Can you give us an address?

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    1. re: Joebob

      According to Yelp the address is 2701 Kalakaua Ave (808) 924-2233.

      It is across the road and a little bit diamond head (east) of the Kapiolani Park bandstand, about halfway between the Kapahulu groin and the Waikiki Aquarium.

      1. re: KaimukiMan

        Thanks KMan. Have you tried the oxtail soup from The Alley in Aiea Bowl that was rated Best on Oahu by Honolulu Mag? It is delish!

        1. re: Joebob

          the problem with the Alley is there is too much to choose from. i haven't worked my way up to? down to? the oxtail, but i will keep your recommendation in mind!