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May 8, 2012 12:54 PM

1 night in DC - need recommendations for dinner - staying in Georgetown

Would prefer not to drive. In town with 13 year old foodie daughter and looking for recommendations for dinner. Read previous Citronelle lounge recommendation. What do all of you think about Kinkead's? Would love to hear thoughts about places we would potentially walk to. Thank you for reading and responding.

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  1. RIS is very good and walkable.

    I haven't been to Kinkead's but its reputation isn't what it once was.

    1. Went to Kinkead's last year. Not impressed at all. Nothing bad, but nothing good. Just OK, at fairly high prices. I know you said you would prefer to walk, but I'd get a cab and go to Central or Rasika many other great places in DC for a foodie daughter. Agree about Ris being worthwhile. Distance-wise it is walkable but a bit on the long side because it is not a pleasant walk. Just lots of really busy city streets. It is actually Foggy Bottom, not Georgetown.

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        Ditto. I'd add Blacksalt to the list for seafood. If you want really delicious ethnic food, you need to go to the burbs. Lower meal price will help offset transportation charges. Or you can Metro to many.

        1. re: MoCoMe

          As much as I love BlackSalt, it's not really walkable from Georgetown. (assuming the OP is somewhere on/near M St.)

          Citronelle lounge would definitely work, as would Ris.

      2. Kinkead's is a mixed bag, so a real risk at high prices.

        1. Citronelle. Expensive but one of the top restaurants in dc
          Lounge at Citronelle god to get a taste , less expensive, less dressy
          Filamena's. Home made pastas
          Bodega.tapas may be a good choice for your foodie daughter
          Dad. Formerly was Zeds's, could be one of top Ethiopian places in dc
          Pizza Paradiso, gourmet adult wood burning stove thin crust pizza
          Bistro Lepic. French bistro with excellent food