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May 8, 2012 12:04 PM

contemporary French

My seriously foodie friends are coming from Baltimore in a few weeks. We have their food agenda pretty well set, but they are looking for an interesting French restaurant for a Sunday night. They are staying in Cambridge but will travel. Thanks.

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  1. What kind of price point are you talking? Overall vibe? I think L'Espalier is a pretty dull dining experience, but others find it interesting.

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      it's also one of the city's most expensive restaurants. is the op looking to drop at least $150 pp, plus wine? agreed the food is uninspired, but the service is top-notch and the wine list is an encyclopedia.

      plenty of our best chefs have "French-driven" styles and menus, so yeah, price point and ambiance desired would help out a lot.

      where else are you eating?

    2. Craigie on Main - no doubt about it.

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          I was thinking the Cambridge location helped narrow things down.

      1. clio/uni has a good reputation with everyone save opinionated chef. I have not eaten the French for a while though i continue to like the sashimi. Let me also second Craigie on Main. If you want a wine driven meal, then Troquet is great for the wine and good for the food. Menton sounds good, but i have not eat there.

        1. Craigie is a good option; Troquet has good food and a great wine list. i like Clio/Uni though i most frequently eat the sashimi.

          1. Thanks for all the suggestions. Price is not an issue; excellent wine is. The husband of this couple is being treated to two weeks in France by some major wine society over there because of all his oeniphile activities in the Balto/DC area. Glad you mentioned that aspect of their choice.

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              French, price no issue, great wine... I think L'Espailer is the obvious choice, the others are all good suggestions but maybe don't fit as perfectly into what you seem to be looking for.