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May 8, 2012 11:07 AM

Winery with amazing picnic area (and wine)?

I'm looking for a winery not too far from the city (about 1-1.5 hours from SF, for example Healdsburg or Russian River etc.) with a really lovely picnic area for a small celebration of about 8 people. Any recommendations?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I forgot to add that it needs to be a place we can reserve an area for ourselves, rather than first come first served.

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        You may have trouble finding both reserving yourself + catering yourself. But it doesn't hurt to call and ask. Lynmar is Russian River and you can reserve tables to do a picnic, but I believe they do the catering.

        Kenzo in Napa caters their own picnic, but again doesn't hurt to ask. They are a little out of the way.
        Ridge in Napa has a wonderful picnic area near the old winery ruins that doesn't get much traffic, you may want to see if they will reserve it for you. Ridge is pretty far out of the way, and they are part of the premium, luxury Napa cab type wineries, so the wine will be pricey and will probably need a double decant, if you want to drink same day. (If you don't have a decanter with you you can always pour out one glass, put the cork back in and shake).

      2. Years ago, some friends used to reserve a gazebo alongside the pond at Chateau Montelena for an annual potluck lunch and related wine tasting at the winery. It's been a while, and the Ch. Montelena website doesn't indicate whether they're still allowing it; but it's worth a call or email to see. It was always a great day.

          1. Cline Winery is a wonderful place to visit. Great wines, picnic areas, great tours (ours was a private one) Click on visit under winery and it gives info on reserving a picnic table.