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May 8, 2012 11:01 AM

Flying Bridge, Falmouth

Reviews? Comments?


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  1. Expensive with so-so food. The last time I was there (2 summers ago) the waitstaff was horrid. BUT, it's the spot. Great setting right on the harbor. Think Baxters, except it's in Falmoiuth.

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      I figured because there was 0 on here about it. For the Girl's Weekend I had started another thread for, some of the group is staying in Falmouth. While I have Sesuit Harbor Cafe in mind (plus the tour up 6A you suggested,) I thought I could be a little flexible. From what I see the best in Falmouth is Osteria La Civetta or the new Mexican place? While I'm dying to try Osteria it's not exactly the epitome of Cape Cod I was looking for…

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        Yes, neither Osteria nor Anejo are the 'epitome' of a Cape Cod restaurant, although Falmouth is one of the nicer walking villages on the Cape. I've heard good things about the Glass Onion in the village (dinner only) but have yet to try it myself. For a very casual lunch, and oh so Cape Cod, the Clam Shack at the end of Falmouth Harbor serves up excellent fried fare, albeit expensive, and you eat on picnic tables on the last dock at the harbor's mouth overlooking the Vineyard and all the boats coming and going.

        There is also the Chartroom in nearby Cataumet. It has both fans and detractors. I'm a fan. Great marina setting and they serve outside cocktails while you wait. Simple food prepared simply, but a nice spot. I'm sure you're starting to realize that there are only a small number of places that have both the view and high quality food and most of those are very high end.

    2. Flying Bridge is awful. Went there again last summer hoping it had improved from my last visit a few years ago. Terrible service and food. I will not return.

      1. the flying bridge is part of the coonamessett-wedding-factory-empire assembled by bill zammer...probably great for that purpose. but if you don't have thirty thousand dollars of daddy's money and one hundred of your closest friends at hand ...not a good choice for girls night out. the locals who work there have kind words for the management.
        i agree with the chartroom rec especially if you like to get raucous! the setting is so cape cod. hidden gem is pretty good...but the atmosphere makes up for any culinary short comings. i am always in favor of a place you can laugh and have a good time without the fun police pulling you over.
        lastly...the bar at the sea crest resort in north falmouth is attracting a little buzz from locals...unmatched view for this part of the cape...beach walk on white sandy beach...friendly new owners. haven't tried it myself yet but want to get there for sunset one of these evenings.

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          Thanks for the tip on the Sea Crest. Always looking for new waterview options that serve decent food. They are so few and far between on the Cape.

          Another option is the Casino Wharf FX in Falmouth Heights. Mind you, we've only had one sampling at lunch, but the food was quite acceptable and the spot was wonderful with a nice patio overlooking the sound, Vineyard, and town beach below.

        2. The raw bar appetizer is beautifully presented and IMO the best in Falmouth. The onion rings are THE BEST in Falmouth. That's all I will order when my Cape guests want to eat at FB.

          1. Local review: Flying Bridge is a bit overrated. The fish and chips are solid and the apps are good. I would def keep it on the list as a place to sit outside have drinks and an app.

            Main Street Fal has blown up in recent years, which is quite surprising. Anejo is very good and certainly fun. La Cucina is also quite good and loved by my parents. Haven't been to the Glass Onion but have been told it's nice. Casin Wharf is a very good option for lunch. Views are amazing and prices are quite resonable. (for lunch)

            Enjoy. Between a revived Main Street and tremendous water driving/access you'll have fun.