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May 8, 2012 10:51 AM

Driving from Bush to Hobby, suggested BBQ spot off the highway with craft beer?

Have to fly into Bush and drive down to Hobby airport for a conference. Will be arriving around 4-5 pm and would like to avoid the worst traffic and also hit up a GOOD BBQ joint that also has a good craft beer selection.

Any suggested routes / locations.


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  1. That's a tough set of criteria. Most BBQ places I can think of just off the highways do mediocre Q; many Q places don't offer much in the way of beers at all, much less craft beers. Traffic? At that hour, avoiding it is going to be impossible.

    Best choice would be Beaver's - small selection of Q, good selection of brews including locals like St. Arnold's, Southern Star, and the new Karbach. Not close to a freeway and very close to downtown will put you in lots of traffic.

    Best route into town and out to Hobby would be US 59 to I-45 but that puts you even farther away from Beaver's. 59 inbound should be very light traffic at that hour, 45 outbound will be another matter but it isn't far to the Hobby area.

    Maybe you could check out craft beer offerings after your conference?

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    1. re: brucesw

      Hmm.. how about no worries about traffic (going to be crappy anyway sounds like) and ANY good local food (Tex Mex, home cooking, wicked burger) that isn't at a chain and has good craft beer? Should be somewhat on route between the two (it is a long enough drive as it is).


      1. re: tbgallant

        In that case, check out BRC or Petrol Station. Petrol has good burgers and has probably the best beer selections (quality wise) in the city. BRC has less craft beer quantity-wise (strong selections available though) than Petrol but better food overall.

        1. re: tbgallant

          Home Cooking: Barbeque Inn Fried Chicken, shrimp, chicken fried steak. Triple A. Though I don't think either would meet your beer desires.
          TexMex: Spanish Flower, Ninfa's on Navigation, Last Concert Cafe
          Burgers: Christian's Tailgate
          Pizza: Luigi's BYOB, Star

          There are lots of interesting places off Washington, Mid-Town and Heights (generally west of downtown and maybe a bit nw that could fit your criteria.

          1. re: txpickyeater

            No offense, but I don't think a single one of those places has good craft beer. Star probably has St. Arnold, but I haven't been in ages since there is much better pizza elsewhere. And Last Concert is terrible.

      2. I have not been but there's the newly opened Hay Merchant. It bills itself as 'craft food & beer'. It just opened in March so we're waiting for the crowds to die down but I've heard good things about the beer and food.

        I also found this map on where to find good beer in Houston

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        1. re: tlegray

          I can't believe I forgot Hay Merchant. I went there just two days ago and really enjoyed it. I officially change my answer to:

          1. Hay Merchant
          2. BRC
          3. Petrol Station

          1. re: macktripper

            Thanks guys, looks like Hay Merchant fits the bill nicely!! Wicked beer selection!

            I'll deal with the traffic I guess.. shouldn't be bad driving 'in' to downtown no?

            1. re: tbgallant

              You can never tell with traffic around here. It should be better but downtown has few lanes so it tends to back up. If you're from a bigger city and you don't hit an accident, traffic shouldn't feel too bad to you but you don't have many alternative options.

              Please report backon Hay Merchant

              Here's a link to for real time traffic.

          2. re: tlegray

            I will be in Houston in June and a co-worker wants to get a steak. Has anyone been to the Hay Merchant's Tuesday steak night?

            1. re: JRSD

              Went tonight and it was great. $15 even for a steak, chard and rutabega. Steak had demi glace and you get whatever cut they have at the moment since they use the whole side.

              Went great with the barrel aged stout on cask that I am blanking on the name of.