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May 8, 2012 10:46 AM

Help! Little Serow Closed Tonight! Now what for one night only in DC?

I am returning to DC for one night, and in search of the one stop I simply must make for food that borders on life-changing. I used to live in the area, and favorites include Zaytinya, Palena, Maestro (and, now, Fiola), Central, Minibar, Two Amy's, Oyamel, etc.

I had settled on Little Serow, but now see it is closed tonight. Now what? Anything spectacular open in the last year or two that I cannot miss? Maybe Mintwood Place? Freddy's (big Chris Cunningham fan)? It's been a while since I went to Rasika. Tasty-looking new items on the Poste menu. Where to?

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  1. Try the chef's tasting menu at Graffiato (near Verizon center). Lots of food, lots of variety, and economical for what you get. Get a seat at the bar downstairs and watch the show (the cooking).

    1. Haven't been to Mintwood yet, but very good reviews, it would be an option. CityZen the lounge or dining room would be a good option, although not new has some great items on the menu right now. Eola would be a good choice too.

      1. If you like seafood, esp. oysters, check out Pearl Dive. Like Little Serow, it doesn't take reservations, so you need only to arrive early.

        The other recommendations you've received are all good ones - and I love Rasika.

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          Thanks. I also love cocktails, so am considering trying Church & State or Wisdom. I love Gibson, Proof, and Passenger, but have been many times .

        2. Estadio is pretty great, subtly prepared Spanish tapas, and expert cocktails.