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May 8, 2012 10:24 AM

Is Sea Salt Worthy of Mother's Day

and by that i mean, what is the set up. an aquaintance left me with the impression that it is cafeteria like and not a formal sit down indoors rest. more concession stand like than actual restaurant. please describe it. and is the food worthy as well

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  1. Depends on the Mother, I guess. If you've got a young child along, it's pretty child-friendly as long as you have snacks to entertain the child until your food arrives.

    I would say your acquaintance gave you a pretty accurate picture of the set up. I think of Cafe Latte (where all of the various foods are out on display for you to choose from) as cafeteria style, so Sea Salt isn't exactly like that,. But, you do have to wait in a long line at the cash register to order and pay. They give you your drinks right away, then you take your drinks, your number and go find a place to sit. Some of the tables are indoors and some are outdoors. But, even indoors is pretty rustic with cement floors and some picnic table seating.

    Sometimes they are good at keeping up with wiping down the tables as people leave, but sometimes you have to find a napkin and wipe it off yourself. Eventually they bring out your food.

    The food is worthy if you like fresh, fried fish in an informal, relaxed park setting. (not all of the fish is fried, by the way...) It's not fine dining.


    1. I love Sea Salt, but it seems like more of a Father's Day kind of place than a Mother's Day kind of place. Take mom somewhere to be served with a nice tablecloth.

      1. This mother thinks it's worthy - there's not much better than a great beer (their beer selection is quite nice), fried fish, and a beautiful afternoon or evening at Minnehaha. However, if you're looking for a sit-down, indoors dining experience, look elsewhere.