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Lobster and vegan options North Jersey area

We are celebrating Mothers Day on Saturday night instead of Sunday. I would love to have real Maine lobster for Mothers Day. However, one daughter is vegan. We are willing to travel but do not want to go into the city. Any suggestions for a restaurant that has lobster, or other good seafood, and vegan options? We are near Paramus in Northern New Jersey.

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  1. I know friends who are vegan, hate the fact that often times all they are offered is a plate full of side dishes. With that being said, if Mom wants lobster, than maybe darling daughter should just take the high road, and make Mom feel extra special. Settle for the salad, and sorbet for dessert.

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      Thanks Herm. Darling daughter would be willing to do that if necessary. But Mom wants everyone to be happy and enjoy their meals.

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        The only other thought I had is possibly an Asian restaurant. Many have live lobster tanks, and vegetarian menu items.

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          Thanks. Asian is a possibility.

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            It probably goes without saying, but vegetable dishes at Asian restaurants aren't necessarily vegan. Add the (possible) language barrier, and your vegan guest may not be very pleased.

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              While I agree with the strong possibility of chicken stock used for vegetables and stir frys.....many Chinese restaurants offer simple steamed vegetables and Tofu with sauce and rice on the side. The ingredients are prepared and served in Bamboo Steamers.

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                This is a very good point and one to consider! Not very exciting vegan dishes though.

    2. McLoones Boathouse in West Orange. Its very nice and they have lobster, check the menu.


      Have you looked at places like Bonefish Grill, Legal Seafood, Charthouse in Weehawken, Caldwell Seafood is small but nice. Would you consider going to Newark to the Market St area? A lot of places in Newark like Sol Mar https://www.solmar-restaurant.com/

      Don Pepe's ?

      Just throwing places out there for you.

      1. Meson Madrid in Palisades Park (on the border of Ft Lee & Cliffside) might be an option. you can have your lobster, and they've got veggie paella, several pastas, and a number of vegetable options for your daughter.


        1. Any interest in Legal Sea Foods or McCormick & Schmicks?

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            Thank you all for your suggestions. However, most of these restaurants do not have anything for our vegan. We would have to special order something which can be difficult on a Saturday night. But goodhealthgourmet, thank you, thank you, thank you. Meson Madrid looks perfect. I have never been there, but it looks like there is something for everyone. I just have to make sure they do not use butter in the vegetarian paella but I am going to guess that they do not.

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              i've had good experiences there in the past, but to be honest i haven't been there in quite some time so i hope i'm not steering you wrong. but the old-world Spanish decor is kinda cute & kitschy, and i figured the menu would accommodate everyone's preferences - i know how challenging it can be ;) have a great meal and a Happy Mother's Day!

          2. How about park and orchard. No lobster though.

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              Thanks. We all enjoy eating at Park and Orchard. However, I would really like lobster for Mothers Day.

            2. We went to Meson Madrid last night. Thank you so much for the suggestion. The three of us who are not vegan enjoyed our food very much. The lobster was excellent, and I am very picky about my lobsters. Others at the table got paella valenciana and chicken creole and enjoyed their choices very much. The food was excellent. However, the service was not.

              They brought our lobster, paella, and chicken to the table and served it. They did not bring the vegan's vegetarian paella. We waited and nothing happened. Finally the waiter came to tell us that there was an accident in the kitchen and the paella had been dropped; they were remaking it. We asked if there was anything else our vegan could have while waiting and apparently there was not. She would have been happy with a plate of vegetables at that point. I am not sure why the waiter did not suggest it. We started eating our meals so they would not get cold. Approximately 25 minutes or so after we got our food and were just about done eating, our vegan received her paella. She hates broccoli. She very clearly specified that she did not want broccoli in the paella. Guess what the dominant vegetable in the paella was. Broccoli. They offered to take it back and make her another one, but at this point, she just wanted something to eat. Needless to say, she did not enjoy her vegan paella very much.

              There were several other service issues that we were mostly able to take in stride. I will not enumerate them all here. However, what made the day for our vegan was when the waiter was pouring ice water for us towards the end of the meal, he managed to spill ice water on our vegan's arm. It was like anything that could go wrong for her did.

              So, the food was very good. The service was not. I would probably go back for the excellent lobster and other traditional dishes at fair prices. However, our vegan will never go there again. Maybe next year for Mothers Day I will have lobster either a week earlier or later, without her, and go somewhere else for Mothers Day. I do appreciate receiving all the suggestions.

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                ugh, i'm so sorry to hear about the service issues and the problems you encountered with your daughter's meal. but i'm glad you enjoyed your lobster!

                (i actually had lobster tail myself for dinner last night at the River Palm in Edgewater - where we took Mom for pre-Mother's Day dinner - and it was delicious.)

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                  So happy you suggested it though. It would have been perfect had the service been better.

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                    speaking of troubled service......how was it in Edgewater - haven't been to that one in years and remember the service being kind of cold and spotty - with long waits.

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                      actually, we've always had great service at Edgewater. Mahwah, OTOH, has been a problem (service- *and* food-wise) the few times we've been there.

                      re: the long waits at Edgewater, it depends who's managing the schedule. they do sometimes over-book on the weekends, so we typically (Mother's Day notwithstanding) go during the week and don't have a problem.

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                        I have gone to River Palm in Fair Lawn and enjoyed their filet mignon very much. Service was also fantastic. However, I do not think I have ever ordered lobster tail. My history with lobster started in Maine and I enjoy tackling the whole thing. I usually do not order lobster in a fancy restaurant for obvious reasons.

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                          I could be wrong, but I believe RPT only offers live lobsters....no frozen tails.

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                            The Mahwah location also has frozen tails.

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                            i actually typically enjoy their grilled octopus but i had just eaten octopus the day before so i went for the lobster tail (the only beef i eat is grass-fed, so i don't order steak at RPT). and FWIW, my sister loves their chicken parm - it's not on the menu but they'll make it if you ask ;)