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May 8, 2012 09:15 AM

Italian Restaurant Advice For My Birthday!!!

So my birthday is coming up and I'm trying to do an italian restaurant in Manhattan. I've narrowed it down to some places and I was curious which of them has the best food and atmosphere or if anyone could give me a ranking or analysis that'd be great.

Thank You - lupa - crispo - pepolino - lavagna - da andrea - supper

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    1. How many people? Price range? Just had a fantastic meal at Ciano so that would be high on my recommedations.

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        its only four people. The rest of my family isn't as adventurous as me so I wanted to keep the restaurants tamer. I've been to Ciano and really enjoyed it but am looking for somewhere I haven't been. I got approval from my family for the restaurants I picked based on what they'd eat so I kind of want to stay with one of those that I listed but i appreciate the rec!!!

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          Ah. I misread your orignal post. I thought you had listed places you liked in the past and wanted something similar. My bad.

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            Lupa is good for pasta but Crispo has better main dishes. I'd choose either one over Da Andrea. I haven't been to the other restaurants on your list.

        2. I have not been to Lavagna or Supper. The others are all good, so I would go with whichever one has the menu that appeals to you most.

          Though I agree with Spiritchaser regarding Ciano, be aware it is considerably more expensive than these.

          1. I'm a huge fan of Supper, but it can be a hassle to get a table on the weekend, as they don't take reservations. They have a tiny wine bar next door, but it's often packed. If you don't mind waiting, though, I don't think you can go wrong there. Very reasonably priced, as well. The Caesar salad, spaghetti al limone, and risotto are awesome.

            I also really liked Crispo, though I've only been there once. The ambiance was a little weird (we were seated in the atrium-type portion of the restaurant during the winter) and the place was quite loud, but I thought the food was good. Had a really great super-Tuscan wine there as well, though I can't recall the name.

            Agree with the above that Lupa is great for pasta, but leaves something to be desired with regard to entrees.

            1. From your list I've only been to Lupa and Da Andrea. I like both but prefer Lupa. You say, "The rest of my family isn't as adventurous as me so I wanted to keep the restaurants tamer." That said, either Lupa or Da Andrea would be fine, with Da Andrea being the "tamer" of the two, in my opinion.