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May 8, 2012 08:14 AM

No Reservations - Cook it Raw

Fantastic show last night. Tony hanging out with David Chang, Rene Redzepi and a group of other chefs as they prepare a one-time improvised meal for a group of 50 in Japan. One of the best shows ever.

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  1. Have to was a really great show. I think the entire new season has been exceptional. He's really cut back on the snark and is finding some really interesting food destinations. And I love Zamir.

    1. I was into too, but mostly just at the beginning -- the sashimi they were eating looked amazing. And it was interesting to see how they caught the fish.

      I didn't think much of that dinner looked very delicious though, and it seemed like Bourdain and the other 2 he was chatting with were basically saying the same thing with the exception of the last 2 plates. And for those 2 it seemed they were relieved to finally have something edible. I suppose it's fun to experience bold experimentation of world-class chefs, but it seems to me the constraints were just too great, and I'd have no interest in eating any of what they produced.

      Actually I'm going to edit this to be more blunt: I thought the dinner looked gross, I don't care who cooked it. Blech.

      It also bothered me that they didn't urge more caution about foraging stuff from the forest for cooking, especially mushrooms, without knowing exactly what they were picking. There was a guide to advise them, of course, but I wish they'd cautioned viewers about doing that. A very dangerous practice.

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        The dinner wasn't about creating the best dish anyone ever ate, it was about being inspired by locally-sourced ingredients and methods, so it's not at all surprising that there were dishes that fell flat. That didn't make it any less appealing as good entertainment. The insights of the various chefs were interesting as were the various location scenes.

      2. I thought this one was a snoozefest. I guess that I prefer the travel based episodes. If this was formatted as a printed article I would have thought it to be much more interesting, but watching Rene Redzepi forage for wild sorrel in the Japanese countryside doesn't do it for me. Even some explanation into the techniques, like foraging tips, dish preparation, etc. would have been beneficial. But this episode just felt like watching someone else's party from outside.

        Last week's Lisbon episode, however, was terrific. I'm all for Tony seeking out underdog destinations rather than hitting up Paris-Rome-Tokyo-NYC as many times as possible.

        1. Kudos to Chef Brock for making the cut. Look like they were all enjoying the challenge.

          So far this season has been a winner. I started searching for airfare and lodging in Lisbon after watching that episode. Damn the seafood looked amazing.

          1. Just rewatched this episode and for the life of me I don't recognize one of the chefs - he's standing to the right of Magnus in this picture --->

            Any ideas... it's driving me nuts.

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              One of the pictures on the page looks like a menu from the event and has the names of at least a dozen chefs on it. Oddly enough I couldn't find that guy Googling through all of them. Maybe it's an odd photo.