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May 8, 2012 06:35 AM

Lisbon Restaurant for 40th birthday

I am taking my wife to Sintra/Lisbon for her 40th birthday. We'll be in Lisbon for 2 nights, the second of which is her birthday. I've been wanting to eat at Ramiro's for a long time now and that is looking like the first night. Of course it isn't the most romantic of places so for her 40th the next night I was thinking of either Alma or Assinatura. The food seems to be great at both so I was really just wondering about the setting. I've read a lot of the reviews on the boards just didn't see too much on the 'atmosphere' of the different places. Thanks for any help.

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    1. re: monchique

      Hi monchique, the interior of Tavares does look amazing and although I'm not one to shy away from expensive restaurants if the food is worth it, Tavares does seem to be on the very high end of prices. 4 people, a few bottles of wine and it seems the bill could push 400 euro. We will be eating out 5 nights, this being the last. So it's not really a blow the roof off dinner for her 40th as the whole trip will be full of food, but rather a great meal, nice setting, with a reasonable bill at the end of the night. If I'm wrong please let me know but from what I read I will be paying a lot more at Tavares than Alma or Assinatura.

      1. re: pjammer

        You are right, for dinner for 4 you could be closer to 500 Euros with proper matching wines. I misread your query and was thinking of a romantic "tête à tête"... Alma or Assinatura are not specially romantic, but better value for money and a more reliable cuisine! Alma probably best.
        Tagide might be an option (nice view, very traditional old fashion Portuguese), but the food is just not on the same level. Personnally, I would go to Fortaleza do Guincho... but it's way out of town.

    2. Between Assinatura, Alma and Tavares the most romantic is Assinatura (ask for a quiet/romantic table).
      For lunch Fortaleza and lots of restaurants by the sea are beautiful, but is in Cascais.

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      1. re: bimbog

        Fortaleza is indeed amazing. But so little time in Lisbon this trip, want to make the most of the city (plus the wife has never been there). I know Cascais isn't far but going to keep it in Lisbon for the night. We are definitely doing G-spot in Sintra as well which sounds great. I emailed Assintura and requested a cozy table today. Think I'm leaning towards eating there.

        1. re: pjammer

          Assinatura is a good choice.
          G-Spot is a great small restaurant. The better otpion in Sintra, by far.