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May 8, 2012 05:49 AM

Melting Pot - a new restaurant in Richmond Hill

It is a franchised fondue restaurant in US. It opened two weeks ago. My friends and I spent over 4 hours to finish the 4-course menu!! Well, we enjoyed it very much especially the dessert fondue. It's really yummy. And the most important thing is .... it is kind of "All You Can Eat" ! The waitress kept on asking us if we needed more :)

P.S. The plate for main course is just like the colour palette, letting us to try different sauces.

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    1. re: trane

      i've been to melting pot in the US. Don't remember it being AYCE. Definitely not on the meats.
      Maybe you are referring to the 'bread cubes' for the fondue?

      1. re: trane

        4-course dinner is more than $60 per person.
        The appetizer is cheese fondue, including bread, mushroom and broccoli
        You can choose sirloin, pork tenderloin, shrimp or chicken for main course. It is cooked in hot oil! The hot oil container is really cool!

      2. Friend of mine, his daughter works there
        Intensive training. No "3 days before we open" training
        Trained staff 2 weeks prior.
        Chef Corbin Tomaszeski is attached.

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        1. re: NoFixedAddress

          It is a franchised restaurant. With 35 years of experience, they must have their own training standard. I think your friend's daughter must have learnt a lot. :)