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May 8, 2012 04:19 AM


This is very specific!

I will be in Toronto from this Saturday 12th May, for a few days only. My partner, who is travelling with me, has set me the task of finding a restaurant that serves 'vegetarian crispy duck'. She is vegetarian and has fond memories of only two other restaurants at which she's eaten this dish, neither of which is close enough to where we live in the UK. As Toronto has a large Chinatown district, she thought it more likely that there could just be the restaurant of her dreams there. The vegetarian crispy duck should, ideally, be served with pancakes and spring onions!

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  1. I had it years ago at the vegan chinese resto on Dundas (north side) 1 block east of Bathurst. someting Buddah Cafe. they have a whole array of feat (fake meat)

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        The restaurant atomeyes is referring to is Buddha's Vegetarian Kitchen. Another possibility is Vegetarian Haven. Both are Asian vegetarian restaurants, but neither seems to have the dish you want on the menu. But it might be worth a call in advance to see if they could make something for you.

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          This is all sounding very promising!

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        Further west on Dundas is Cafe 668. I see "veggie duck" on their menu but it does not mention pancakes and spring onions. Again call ahead and inquire.

      3. While not quite in Toronto, you might want to investigate Gourmet Vegetarian and Graceful Vegetarian. Both serve up mock meats and are just north of the city. Very do-able, if you have a car. Make it a short day may find Pacific Mall interesting.

        1. it's been awhile, but we did have a good duck at Graceful Veg. restaurant up in Market Village (next to Pacific Mall) in Markham. But this was a soy bean version layered to simulate the meat and the top was crispy like the duck skin, cooked in a rich brown sauce. I don't recall it coming with wraps and spring onions like they do with peking duck (but you can call them to confirm).

          I couldn't find an online menu though., but I did come across this other 2011 blog about other vegetarian restaurants in TO, might help your other meals.

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            Here's a menu for Graceful Vegetarian which may or may not be out of date

          2. Buddhist Vegetarian Kitchen in Scarborough. Everything there is delicious.

            1. If you are in the GTA West end, there are 2 great Asian vegetarian restaurants in Mississauga. One of them is in the Buddhist Temple and it's called Lotus Tea House. It's just south of the 401 on Mississauga Rd. The food is nourishing, filling, and the best thing is that it's only $7 per item (no tax as it is a religious site). I believe it's opened for lunch for most days. Last time I went, they had vegetarian duck and it was a lot of it in the noodle soup. Their menu changes all the time.

              The other great one is in Mississauga as well. It's called Zen Gardens. It's north of the 401 on Hurontario. I've been there about 4 times and love all the meals. I usually get the lunch combo where you have the main entree, miso soup, 2 crispy 'chicken nuggets' (these are so good and addicting), and purple rice. The food is fresh, veggies is plentiful, and it has amazing flavour. The Enoki mushroom (enoki mushroom wrapped in nori then flash fried), Spicy Eggplant, Kung Pao Soy Fritters, and Spicy Tofu are all amazing. The dinner combo comes with the entree, soup, nuggets, rice, dimsum, and veggie roll. The crispy duck is found in their seitan platter. I never asked for it by itself but they may do that for you. The pan fried 'dumpling' (Finely chopped mushrooms, vegetables and spices wrapped in a thin soft dough, served with a ginger dipping sauce) is a must have as well! I highly recommend the Mississauga location. They do have several other places including a downtown Toronto one but I've never been to that site.