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May 8, 2012 04:16 AM

Need help with bread pudding recipe

I'd like to try making a pina colada bread pudding. The recipe calls for 1 loaf of French bread with crusts removed. Doesn't French bread come in different sizes? And aren't they rather slender so what would I be left with after I remove the crusts? How many ounces/pounds of bread do you think I should buy? The recipe calls for 3 eggs and about 3 cups of liquid. Thanks for any help provided.

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  1. 1 Loaf of (Stale) French bread ~ Personally I would leave the crust on.


    1. The slender "French bread" is a baguette. You want a regular sized loaf.

      A good bakery will have what you're looking for. It doesn't have to be of French heritage. Italian will do as well.

      Pina colada bread pudding sounds awfully interesting. Perhaps you could post the recipe on the HC board.


      1. I guess it depends upon the type of loaf.

        A baguette is long & slender. A flute is long & fatter. An Epi has more crust. A boule is round & comes in various sizes.

        Is this recipe French? I sort of doubt it given that its pina colada.

        Three eggs & three cups of bread makes it sound like about a pound of bread to me as a guess. As Uncle Bob says I'd leave the crust on for sure.

        As it happens we had bread pudding at our local restaurant today as the dessert to our lunch. Delicious, here they call it pain perdu (lost bread). This had raisins in it & a caramel sauce. We loved it.

        Good luck with your effort.

        1. Bread pudding is forgiving. For 3 cups liquid and 3 eggs, try 6-7 cups. I'd guess because it's for a pina colada bread pudding, it doesn't matter if you use a baguette or a larger loaf of "french bread" that you'd find in any grocery store. I'd go for the larger loaf, less crust.

          1. Boy, that was fast! I think I'll start with a pound and leave the crust on and not worry too much about what kind (French vs. Italian) of bread it is. Thanks. I'm not sure how to post a recipe on the hc board, but I'll try. Thank you.

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              BTW, I'd make it first and see how it works out. Then unveil it on guests/family. Always best to do a test run.

              Also, you can maybe check other BP recipes and see how much bread/liquid they use and figure out how much bread they're talking about when they say "Loaf."


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                I think you'll be happy with the crusts. They add texture. And just in case it turns out dry or bland, a rum sauce would be good to have on hand to drizzle over the top.

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                  Bourbon sauce is even better.


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                    I usually do it for other bread puddings, but pina colada screams rum to me. But really, you can't go wrong.

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                      Oh, ya. I forgot about it being PC.