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What's good near the last R stop in Bay Ridge?

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I have to take the R to the end of the line today... 95th St/4th Ave I think. Anything close to that stop that's very good? No preferences

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  1. Grand Sichuan House is very good.


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      And of course, there's Embers Steakhouse.


    2. Haven't been, but I've heard good things over the years about the Sicilian food at Piattini on 4th Ave. ... http://www.menupages.com/restaurants/...

      1. Tanoreen if you like Middle Eastern food. I think it's in the 80's but a short walk.

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          A bit too long to Tanoreen. A new Greek food market opened on about 95th and 3rd. They have a little hot food section. I believe that they also have a few seats in a cafe section. Also Paneantico makes nice sandwiches ( be sure to use the reduced balsamic they put on the tables...)

        2. This is probably too late, but Karam is on 86th and 4th Ave.