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May 8, 2012 02:35 AM

Healthy Food in Flint?

We're in the Flint area for 10 days without any access to cooking. Since we're eating all three meals out, any suggestions for restaurants in the area that are good options for fresh, healthy food would be greatly appreciated. Our hotel is near the US-23/I-75/I-69 exchange. We like all types of food (except the overly processed kind). Budget isn't a huge issue, but we would prefer the majority of our meals to be reasonably priced. Thank you.

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  1. Consider driving a bit south to Fenton ... French Laundry. I suspect they have a website/menu.

    Not particularly healthy, but Ruggero's does a darned good "Deluxe" lasagna (w/Italian sausage) ... And is within a couple of miles of your hotel.

    1. French Laundry: +1. There is nothing comparable in Flint, so it's worth the drive if you have time.

      For fresh and healthy, the first thing that always comes to my mind is Middle Eastern food. On my last trip to Flint (though I never made it), Taboon on Linden Rd. and Badawest on Corunna Rd. were on my list.

      1. I was going to suggest both French Laundry and Taboon. Badawest is also a good choice, but Taboon is a little nicer inside. If you can make it to Grand Blanc, you're probably about ten minutes away, Taboon just opened another location on Saginaw street a few weeks ago. You'll get a decent meal at Luca's Steakhouse, also on Saginaw in Grand Blanc. There is a local chain in the area called YaYa's and they do only grilled chicken. Not much to the place but the chicken is grilled onsite and always can eat inside but it's more like a fast food place.
        Sounds like you'll be staying somewhere near the Redwood Lodge, if nothing else you can get a big salad there. On Hill Road just east of 475 there is a "gourmet" market called Oliver T's. They have counter service with nicely prepared meals to go or maybe you can sit inside at some small tables, it has been a few years since I stopped there.
        Like rainsux, I'll always send someone to Ruggero's, it has been around for years. Might just be nostalgia for me, but I do love their lasagna.

        1. There is a local franchise in the area (several locations) called Ya-Ya's Chicken.
          They grill marinated chickens. You can eat healthy there, though there are an assortment of unhealthy sides as well.
          They make a caesar salad with grilled breasts.
          You can also get a salad with chopped chicken meat (basically the leftovers from what they don't sell as meals), with healthy or unhealthy dressing options.

          1. Thank you everyone. Those are all such great ideas. We were saving the French Laundry for our "special" meal. I forgot all about Oliver T's. We love Middle Eastern food and YaYa's chicken salad is a fond memory from years ago. Chowhounders are the best. Thanks again.

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              > French Laundry ... our special meal

              Beware that it is "noisy" ... waaay too many of the trendy/industrial hard surfaces.

              If you're willing to drive to Fenton; then I suspect that you may consider venturing to Holly. The
              Holly Hotel is a restaurant, not a hotel. <g> They do a good job in the dining room. They
              routinely have theme'd menus on many weekends. Checkout their website; perhaps you'll
              find something "special".

              Halo Burger is a Flint-based burger chain. I prefer them to McD, BK, Wendy's.