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May 8, 2012 12:31 AM

Anyone know where I can find Sushi and Sake Pairings in Los Angeles?

I enjoy trying hard to find premium sakes, but most Japanese restaurants have the usual Otokoyama or higher end Kubota, Ken.... The usual suspects! Do any restaurants in Los Angeles have sushi/sashimi pairings with great sake? Thanks Hounds!

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  1. Urasawa in Beverly Hills. Hiro-san carries some very premium sakes that are hard to find outside Japan.

    But... I find beer more to my liking whenever I have sushi. I enjoy sake more at izakayas.

    Good luck.

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    1. re: J.L.

      Thanks J.L.! Looking for more straight sushi and sashimi rather than a Kaiseki like Urasawa... Which is amazing! Good call though!

      1. re: Hammer19

        You are much better off going someplace like Wally's Wines and purchasing one of their offerings and paying corkage at your favorite sushi bar. For instance here is just one of the examples you can find at Wally's:

        1. re: Servorg

          Wally's is great, but personally, I find the selection and prices much better down the street at Wine House on Cotner between Olympic and Pico.

          1. re: Thor123

            I'll agree on prices but is the selection better? I find the selection at Wally's to be pretty good, especially for higher end sake.

            1. re: Servorg

              Go to Kazu. They have a pretty decent sake list too.

              1. re: kevin

                and so does hiko, though it does include kurawaa and the high end manju at 41 bucks a tiny glass and 69 bucks for a large glass serving, not bad if you don't want to shell out upwards of 150 bucks or more for a bottle of the stuff.

              2. re: Servorg

                I defer to you. I have not purchased sake there.

                1. re: Thor123

                  I probably go to the Wine House about 5 to 1 over Wally's based on price. But at times Wally's has brands you just can't find elsewhere (and their cheese box is a nice bonus too).

         and their sandwich menu is pretty darn attractive (and the products delicious too):

        2. re: J.L.

          Anyone happen to have any online link to the sake list at Urasawa.

          JL, if someone where to do a sake tasting there with the kaiseke style meal at Urawasa I;m presuming it would run more than a 1000 dollars per person. and i have a feeling that kubota manju would be the crappiest and cheapest sake on the list.

          1. re: kevin

            A business associate of mine did just that (I was there as a non-drinking witness) - I believe the total tab (minus tip) ran just a tad under $1100 for just him that night.

        3. this months' feastiality tasting dinner will have all sake and soju pairings, though i'm not sure of there will be a sushi course. the chef is a sushi chef and usually does other styles for these dinners.

          1. Nothing in la comes close to trusake in san francisco. I always stop by for some amazing nama and whatever else i can afford to bring down. Japon bistro in pasadena has a good selection, as well as special pairing events, weekly or bi monthly i think. They had some great nama last time I went. I remember nozomi having a decent selection as well. None of the wine shops i've been to including wally's and wine house take it that seriously.

            1. Aburiya Toranoko has a pretty good selection of Japanese sake (180, 300 & 720 ml bottles) and beer (and a full bar, too). See for a recent lists of food/beverage.

              IMO, I find the sushi/sashimi Aburiya Toranoko to be fresh, delicious and usually varied in seasonal goodies. Hisa-san (Hisaharu Kawabe) is the executive chef and itamae who formerly worked at Matsuhisa and Nobu, et al.

              The last time I dined at Aburiya Toranoko (two weeks ago?) there was a flight of sake you could order, too.

              And, I have a reservation for a sake tasting paired with food for Monday, May 14 at 7PM.

              Aburiya Toranoko (213) 621-9500
              243 S. San Pedro St., Los Angeles, CA 90012

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              1. re: yinyangdi

                just be aware that the chefs at Toranoko brought the Matsuhisa style with them. If you don't like your tuna marinated, seared, sauced, with a garlic chip, exotic onions and a flourish... it may not be the place for you.

              2. Mori has some not so common high end stuff. You can ask for straight sushi and sashimi. Not quite a pairing because for the expensive stuff, you have to buy the entire bottle. Makes sense.

                Shunji also has a nice selection but it's more kaiseki.