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Prior to Tests at Baylor....BEST STEAK RESTAURANT ???

No expense spared...
What is the best handsdown...possible last steak dinner , to be "had" in DFW ?
We're checking in Wednesday morn.....
so looking for a mind blowing steak dinner Tuesday

For real

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  1. Here's a great survey of steakhouses from D Magazine: http://www.dmagazine.com/Home/D_Magaz...

    1. There are many great steakhouses in Dallas. My favorites are:
      Al Biernat's.
      Nick & Sam's
      Pappas Bros.

      1. The porterhouse at Bob's Steak and Chop house can't be beat.Go to the location on lemmon

        1. IMO a prime steak is a prime steak, if a restaurant has made it a few years in this town charging $40+ per steak, they're probably pretty good. All the places suggested will be quite good, no doubt. But if location matters at all, Dallas Chop House downtown (a stone's throw from Baylor) is up there with the best. Beautiful dining room and patio. Plus right across from the park for an evening stroll. Otherwise Al Biernat's or Del Friscos...

          Good luck with your tests.

          1. I just want to vote against Bob's. In all fairness I only went once but everyone's steak was cooked incorrectly, all the sides were mediocre, and their famous glazed carrot seems gimmicky at this point. Like Sike said though, most premium steak houses are going to serve a delicious steak.

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              Thanks for saying about Bob's what I was thinking as well. I've had to go to Bob's with business associates on numerous occasions and I can tell you, I've never enjoyed the food, service or, the "men only" mentality.

            2. I recommend Pappas Bros. for a traditional steakhouse, and Local for great steak at a place that isn't a steakhouse. I disagree that a premium steak is a premium steak. I think Pappas is far better than Nick & Sam's or Capital Grille (I've only been to the Plano location). It's not just the steak ... the sides and service are also very important IMO. In addition to the steak and lobster at Pappas Bros., it seems like the soups are always outstanding. I've had very memorable lobster bisque and black bean soup there.

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                I've had the exact opposite experience at Pappas (and I really do like the rest of the chain), and at this point won't go back. First bad experience was being served a cut of ribeye that must have been from the end of the roast because there was a giant vein of gristle running through the middle and WAY too much fat under the deckle/cap for a $50 steak, should have never come out of the kitchen. Didn't notice till I was well into the steak because it was SO dark in there. Would have pointed it out, but was with clients and didn't want to embarrass them. Next time, got blown off by our 20 year old waiter because we didn’t go for his suggested $150 bottle of wine. And I really don’t find the sides all that interesting. Much like 3 forks, I think the place is too big, too easy to fall through the cracks.

                IMO, although fun to read, D and Texas Monthly are on the take with their rankings and Restaurant Row is a wasteland for tourists. Then again, I'm a little jaded.

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                  Although I've personally never experienced what you experienced at Pappas Bros., I know that situation would never happen at Al Biernat's. And if (God forbid) it did, a quick word would totally rectify the situation.

                  Places like Bob's and Pappas Bros. are driven by expense account diners. Al Biernat's is a great, "wealthy neighborhood" restaurant with a local, well heeled clientele that expect the very best. And, they get it there!

                  That said, in my humble opinion, I think Nick & Sam's offers one of the truest "steakhouse" experiences overall in town. With unquestionably the best and most lively steakhouse ambiance in Dallas.

                  1. re: twinwillow

                    Completely agree on Al Beirnat's. I do know people that love Pappas, and if I went back 98 more times I'm sure it'd be great, but with so many great steak places around, when I've got $200 to part with, I'm going to a place that's batting 1.000, not where I'm 1 of 1000.

                    By the way, never had a bad meal at Bob's, but it's not that exciting either, the carrot just doesn't do it for me. I do like the old-school grown-up waiter at a steakhouse, 20 years in the industry, discreet and understands the value of a dollar, generally rare in this town. I miss Smith & Wollensky, but I guess I'm among the few.

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                      Bob's and Biernat's are within shouting distance of each other and Bob's is "expense account diners" and Biernat's has a " local, well heeled clientele"? They both curry favor with the same crowds. I have seen in quantity in both places the Parkies, the generic white fifty-something businessman types and the high profile athletes.

                      Also, what EXACTLY was wrong at Bob's that you NEVER enjoyed the food or service?