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May 7, 2012 06:44 PM


We are coming to Vancouver and Victoria at the end of June, 6 nights. We are looking for one nice meal in each place and other must have places. We prefer Chinese (soup dumplings), tapas, small plates, cheeses, seafood, and good wine. We are also planning to visit some wineries so suggestions would be helpful.

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  1. Victoria.

    Nice Meal: Ulla. Camille's.

    Dumplings: Sura (Korean, and not soup dumplings, but exquisite).

    Small Plates: Stage.

    Cheeses: Choux Choux Charcuterie.

    Seafood: Red Fish Blue Fish (casual outdoor lunch)

    Good Wine: Cafe Brio.

    Wineries to visit: Saanich Peninsula--Church and State. Starling Lane.

    Have fun. And make sure to report back on your culinary adventures.

    1. If you're touring the wineries of the Saanich peninsula ( , also do visit the Sea Cider cidery - lovely cider and their patio is pleasant place to enjoy a glass. The offer a daily lunch tasting plate of local cheese, cured meat and/or fish.

      Victoria spirits is up that way too

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        I second the seacider rec - beautiful setting as well
        for wine - also try Muse winery (Chalet Rd, across from the Deep Cove Chalet) - this and above wineries are Saanich Peninsula - if you can - quite a few more in Cowichan Valley.
        Another small plates - Vis a Vie in Oak Bay (excellent food, wine flights and a cozy little patio).

      2. My favourite XLB or soup dumplings are at Lin's on Broadway (Vancouver), but there isn't much else to recommend there, so just order them and move on to another place for the rest of your meal. They look at you a bit funny but it's worth it :-).