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May 7, 2012 06:19 PM

Dell'Anima vs Hearth which is better for a vegetarian?

Figuring out our last meal in NY and wondering if one is better than the other? Three of us eat meat, two do not.


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  1. I assume you're eating on a Monday, like you posted previously? So really you're comparing Dell'anima's Meatless Monday with Hearth's regular menu?

    Why did you decide against Scarpetta or Ciano, which others suggested?

    I've not done Meatless Monday at Dell'anima (just other days of the week), the food is excellent.

    I have taken vegetarians to Hearth who were quite pleased. The food doesn't feel super Italian to me, though.

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    1. re: kathryn

      I had decided on Meatless Monday at Dell'anima, because Ciano which I was most interested in seemed too meaty (unless they did the tasting menu). Thanks for the notice (about Hearth not being very Italian) though, Kathryn, you have helped a lot!

      1. re: Missmoo

        I went to Meatless Monday at Dell'anima when I was on vacation in NYC in December and it was very good. However, I do think that there are also excellent vegetarian options at Scarpetta (been in NYC and also Toronto).