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May 7, 2012 04:42 PM

Sfogliatelle within a 100 mile radius of Cincinnati?

Is there a place making Sfogliatelle within a hundred miles of Cincinnati?

I have been unable to find one

Any/all help greatly appreciated

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  1. The only Italian bakery I am aware of in Columbus (about 100 miles) is Auddino's. Have never tried them. Here is their website for more information:

    1. DiSalvo's Deli in Dayton has them occasionally (usually on the weekend). They will make them for you if you call - I'm always very excited when they have them!

      1. Auddino's in Columbus is a great little place to visit, although I don't think the Sfogliatelle is the best. The filling is delicious but the pastry can be a bit tough. Their cannoli are the best I've found in Columbus, however, and they have a wonderful assortment of cookies. It's also wonderful to talk to the Auddino's when there - they have a wonderful story and business!

        1. old thread, but I did want to add that while I have not yet made it to DiSalvo's in Dayton, I did recently get to Auddinos in Columbus and their lobster tail pastry is nothing short of sensational!