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May 7, 2012 04:41 PM

Braised Short Ribs?

Trying to come up with an idea for our first wedding anniversary, and thought it might be nice to celebrate with a dinner similar to what we had at as our wedding dinner - braised short ribs (at the Capitol Event Theatre; highly recommend!).

Where can we find the BEST braised short ribs in the city?

Thanks for your input!

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  1. the westerly on roncesvalles at howard park

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    1. re: ingloriouseater

      Amazing, thank you! I just looked at the menu and it sounds delicious. I've been hearing about the Westerly too, so this would be a great opportunity to try it!

      1. re: marydee

        it reminds me one of my best comfort food meals, the horseradish mashed potatoes sealed the deal for me...

        1. re: ingloriouseater

          Actually, upon reflection, horseradish mashed potatoes were the accompaniment for our wedding meal too. So that seals the deal for me too, haha!

      2. re: ingloriouseater

        Thanks again for the recommendation. We went to the Westerly last night, and had an awesome meal. The braised short ribs were delicious. The apps and dessert were great too. We'll definitely be returning there - the rest of the menu looked great!

        1. re: marydee

          my pleasure, i'm glad you enjoyed it as much as we do

          1. re: ingloriouseater

            Hey Ingorious (and mary) have you been to the westerly lately? Any recommendations? I think I will be going this weekend.


            1. re: hungryabbey

              I haven't been since May, but we had a great dinner there. Service was friendly, nice relaxed but trendy atmosphere. I will definitely return sometime!

      3. Had good braised short ribs at Keriwa a while ago.

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        1. re: biggreenmatt

          Thanks! Just checked their menu, and it looks like maybe the menu is changed seasonally - I don't see any braised short ribs on the menu right now. But this is definitely another spot I'm hoping to try in the near future.

          1. re: marydee

            The braised short ribs I had at Keriwa in November 2011 were bison and were absolutely amazing. They seem to switch up the menu on a monthly basis and seem to always have a different preparation of bison as one of the entree choices. The bison short ribs were one of the best dishes I've had in the past year, so if they are on the menu again in the future, they are worth trying!

        2. We were at Le Select last night and every Sunday, they have a braised short rib special, "braised for 72 hours". I thought it was really really amazing. You have to get there early though. They had ran out by 7:30pm last night and the server tells me that's normal.

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          1. re: 1moreround

            Thanks for the tip! We haven't been to Le Select for a few years now, so this sounds like a great reason to go back! They have the best French Onion soup too!

          2. Any new recommendations for Braised Short Ribs? It's become somewhat of an annual tradition!

            1. A surprisingly good version can be found at this out of the way gastro-pub - 'Hungry Brew Hops' in Newmarket.


              If one is in luck, they occasionally have whole roasted giant beef bone marrow serve with tasted garlic baguette and a side micro-green salad with lemon dressing. Nice appetizer.

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              1. re: Charles Yu

                Thanks! Sounds delicious, although a little out of the way. Welcoming any other suggestions!!