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May 7, 2012 04:06 PM

an easier version of Mole Negro? [moved from Mexico]

In its classical form, it is just too complicated,is tgere a less complicated version?

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  1. Zingerman's in Ann Arbor, MI stocks Susana Trilling's Mole Negro paste in jars. You can mail order it from them.

    I've made mole negro with Susana at her cooking school Seasons of My Heart in Oaxaca and it is very, very good. When we made it she said she does the same recipe but keeps cooking it down to the paste form and then she jars it. The jar comes with directions on how to reconstitute it appropriately.

    Here's the link -
    If one is going to buy a jarred mole paste, this stuff is pretty good.

    Heads and shoulders better than Dona Maria or Rogelio and a lot simpler than making it from scratch.

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      I have never found a bottled mole sauce that I liked but am really keen to try this one. Unfortunately it is out of stock. Is it sold elsewhere?. Moles like negro, poblano, telolopan, or red mole is a process for me and spread out over several days or weeks. I am not sure that it is conducive to shortcuts but I am willing to believe. If you think of it as a process it becomes much more manageable. If you recognize that it is food for a great feast and that everyone knows that it is a serious undertaking it feels more gratifying to make it. The quicker moles like pumpkin-seed and the herbaceous green moles are much easier.

      Spread out over time the time consuming, multi-ingredient moles are doable. I make a poultry/meat stock. It takes two days. It gets strained, de-fatted and frozen. I use it for soups, Bolognese sauce and whatever else I want. The next day or a week or so later I fry the chiles, soak them and then pulverize and sieve. Depending on time constraints they can be frozen. Then I plump my raisins, toast my nuts and spices and toast my bread and tortillas.

      It is a pain in the a**. Unless a commercially viable product to recreate the complexity of the sauce becomes available anybody who has eaten the real deal will be disappointed. If you don't try to tackle these moles in one or two days but spread it out over several days and even weeks it doesn't feel so burdensome.

      I wish that I knew of a shortcut but I have three moles in my freezer, Black Mole, Red Mole and Mole Telolopan and while I would give them away to friends or family I wouldn't otherwise trade them. Recognize that they are fiesta food and should be treated as the special stuff that time and work require. If you find a decent shortcut I'd love to hear of it but my family knows that when I make dark mole that I have worked hard to make it and that I am honoring a special occasion and honoring them.