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May 7, 2012 04:04 PM

Eating in Charlevoix region

We are going to be touring Charlevoix during August. I believe its a real foodie region. I'd love recommendations for restaurants, artisan food, etc. We'll be staying in Baie St Paul but will be touring from there.

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  1. I go relatively often for an American. We eat and stay at L ' Estampilles ' with French Chef and English speaking French wife owners ... Incroyable, memorable meals were $40 per person last fall. So excited to read a post asking for my fav neighborhood. Previous posts that I agree with for pastry at Le Main Blanche ( worth the search for afternoon or buy for a later snack edible aren't... But coffee not their forte). Microbrewery Saint Pub is ambitious fun decent , although perhaps victims of their own success in terms of sloppiness of wait staff and all. Beer flights are worth that visit. My own experience at Mouton Noir were not so stellar in the quiet winter in their freezing cold drafty restaurant, but you will probably have better luck. And I am eager to hear all. Migneron cheese is also tres fabuleux to visit. Etc. read old posts. Laiterie great for hiking food pate bread cheese... The next door bakery is a must as well.....

    1. On a recent trip we ate at "Orange Bistro" in the center of town. A fairly unpretentious place but still featured lots of local fare. One nice touch is "real" raclette - i.e done with a half-wheel of cheese rather than the little toaster thingy - made with local cheese.

      Other places are more elaborate, but the quality/price was bang on here.