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May 7, 2012 03:38 PM

Balsamic Glaze?

So, I finally bought a bottle of this stuff my friend calls "liquid gold". What are some other uses for it?

I was going to glaze it over some chicken breast, and maybe on the weekend when I make fresh ravioli, glaze over that. What do you suggest?

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  1. Roast chicken, pork tenderloin or salmon would all be good. I'm wondering about a dessert application, though. Strawberries with balsamic vinegar are wonderful--perhaps a strawberry tart with balsamic glaze?

    1. I use it on strawberries....also grill peaches with some balsamic glaze and put them over ice cream. For appetizer, I like to stuff figs with goat cheese, wrap with prosciutto and brush with balsamic glaze....then grill or roast.

      1. It all depends on the quality (price range) you bought. The cheaper ones are suitable for glazes and dressings. The reduced, pricey ones are drizzled sparingly on finished dishes.

        ATK Radio had a caller asking about this yesterday (a repeat show, available online I'm sure).
        Their recommendation was to add a little sugar and port to supermarket-quality balsamic, then reduce it over heat before using it as a glaze.

        1. Thank you all for the great tips!!!