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May 7, 2012 03:33 PM

2 Dinners and 1 lunch recommendation

Hi we are coming into New York for a weekend and need recommendations for pretheater dinners in the areas of our places that are not too costly. My mother-in-law looks at prices all the time and I want to avoid all comments and go places < 35$ pp w/o drinks, tax or tip. I have already made a reservation for Marseille on Sunday night which is near "Memphis" on 42nd. If you have beter recommendations in that area please let me know. Else Saturday night we are seeing Chicago on 49th and are staying on 52nd near 7th ave so something in that general area would be nice.

Also we are seeing the Matinee of Memphis on 42nd so a pre theater lunch is also needed.

I know this is a lot of information but basically I am looking for your recommendations <35 pp before tax time and without drinks for.

Lunch and Dinner near 42nd (current dinner is Marseille)
Dinner Near 49th to 52nd.


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  1. Consider having a cheap, no-frills lunch at Cafe Edison in the Edison Hotel. Your mother-in-law won't complain about the prices there, and while the experience won't be revelatory, they are known for good matzo ball soup and omelettes.

    For the dinner, if you like Middle Eastern food, you could go to Gazala's Place on 9th Av. near 49 St. Or if you want something right on 42 St., there's Dafni, a Greek restaurant with portions so big, you literally need to order half as much as you think you want. I'm not kidding!

    1. Marseille is a great choice. For near 49th to 52nd I would pick Toloache.